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Take a look some of my favorite products, tools, organizers, & the things in my craft space that just make me happy. I enjoy using rare finds and repurposing them in unexpected way. Many of the items you will see in these photos were purchased from online shops, hobby stores, or were found in the trash bins of renovation jobs. Sometimes I just find something in a little shop and decide that it will be perfect for my space.

I am blessed to have a wonderful husband who custom-made quite a few of the pieces in this space to my specifications. You won’t find them anywhere else, but you are welcome to ask how he made them or ask him to make something for you.

Link to blog posts, videos, and the items shown in this space can be using the menu below.

My Creative Space

Can you believe that this bedroom used to house three growing boys? Now, it has become my space to work and create. My sweet husband custom made the desk where I work along with a few other pieces. Take a little walk through my space with me and see how I spend my days. In each section of my space, you will not only see some photos of the area where I create, you will also discover a video tour of that space and a list of my favorite organizers and products.


A Peek Into My Maker World

Are you a Maker like me? Here’s a birds eye view into my world each week as I create blog & video tutorials for you.


My Individual Craft Stations

My Work Space

Recordkeeping, blogging, video editing, and so much more. I am sure that this laptop is going to go on strike someday. This is a section of my custom-build l-Shaped desk where I work each week. I teach my Cricut classes, do my live videos, plan my projects, learn new techniques, and find inspiration.


My Cricut Station

This towering shelf in my creative space was a changing table in it’s former life. I wanted to find a piece of furniture that fit perfectly on this wall, would hold all of my Cricut items and books, and store a few extras. This popped up for free about an hour away and I snagged it. I continue to contemplate painting the piece, but that would require assigning another project to my husband. The tool holder and lamp are another one of my custom made items.



My Mixed Media & Embellishment Storage

When I discovered this unique find, the salesperson told me that they were discounted because they could not find anyone willing to purchase these entertainment centers. I told her to advertise it as a craft organizer and they would be sold out. I needed a space to stand and create that would be a separate station for messy creations. I was also in need of something to hold those crafting odds and ends – mini albums, frames, wreaths, jars, – and this “entertainment center” works perfectly. Read how I use this space for mixed media, crafting storage, and for creating videos.


My Paper Organization & Storage

After my desk was built, I needed a place to store my paper, cardstock, sewing machine, and embellishment tower. Once again, my sweet hubby headed out to his garage to make me a piece to fit my needs. Read how I use this space ad organize my paper & cardstock.


My Other Storage Solutions



Little Things Bring Me Joy


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