About Me

Welcome to a world where simplicity meets creativity, and where you can truly shine! I am Miss. Carrie and I enjoy days filled with faith, family, LOTS of coffee, and crafts. I believe that creativity is a way for you to express your unique self, and it’s important to keep it simple. I want you to embrace imperfection as part of the creative process.

Let’s celebrate the beauty of handmade artistry together!

My mission is to simplify the art of paper crafting and Cricut creations. With easy-to-follow instructions, we will unlock the secrets to crafting beautiful scrapbook layouts, cards, & home décor together. Get ready to be inspired and confident in your crafting journey!

Combining my teaching background with tech expertise, I excel in simplifying complex ideas as I equip you with the skills to craft things you love.

I can’t wait to see what you create!

Faith & Family

I am blessed to be married to a wonderful man who supports my passions and enjoys my quirky personality. We have been married for thirty years, have four children of our own, and have fostered three. Our home was “that” house – always full of children from the neighborhood enjoying fresh cookies, working on homework after school, and bickering like siblings. The children are now grown, so we spend our days with the fur baby, working as Awana missionaries. LEARN MORE


My obsession with coffee didn’t start until I was much older, but I do remember many days spent at my grandmother’s house watching her and my grandfather enjoy their cups of joe. I find it to be a relaxing drink that I can enjoy any time of the day. When you visit my home, you will be treated to a warm cup of coffee or tea and a coffee bar of syrups and steamers that you can use to spruce up your drink.


Twenty-five years ago, I ventured into the world of paper crafting recording memories of my family in scrapbooks. Even back then, I didn’t follow the rules. I was invited to many a crop and often viewed as eccentric when I filled my pages with three-dimensional elements, paper piecing, chalk art, and mixed media. As a young mom, I relished the time away with friends. Unfortunately, this was short-lived. In 2002, we lost a treasured member of our family and my sadness kept me from being able to look at photos or scrapbooks.

Many years later, I was invited to a Cricut workshop. I was in awe of what that amazing machine could do. Soon after, I learned that CTMH was offering a Cricut incentive to become a consultant, and I joined the company. I spent nearly ten years creating workshops, teaching classes, and helping the company promote its products.

In 2021, God had other plans for me. My time with CTMH came to an end and I chose to take a leap of faith and ventured into the world of content creation. To be honest, this is not where I pictured myself as an almost 50-year-old with seven college degrees, but it is the path that God has me on and I love it. I am blessed each day with crafty friends, people to inspire, and the ability to bring joy into someone’s life through creativity.

Creative Resume
Guest Appearances & Summit Speaking

Other Bits of Information
  • Life is messy, but faith in God keeps me going through the muck
  • Geek freak nerd — all of the above from sci-fi to old Agatha Christie novels
  • I love rare finds — decor, movies, books, people
  • My left & right brain are in a constant battle
  • In a file are seven college degrees in accounting, law, and technology – I use none
  • My favorite color is Tardis blue. My favorite combo is cyan and cherry red.
  • I joke about having OCD, but it is a diagnosed mental health struggle. We all have them
  • Our dog is named after the street the Awana warehouse was located for many years
  • Don’t be surprised if you find me at a local target range
  • Miss. Carrie came from my years of teaching special education – my favorite students

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