About Me

Faith, Family, Coffee, & Crafts

Hello & welcome! I am Miss. Carrie and I enjoy days filled with faith, family, LOTS of coffee and crafts. I believe that life is complicated enough, and crafting needs to be simple, which is why I enjoy sharing the beautifully layered projects I create using simple techniques I have learned as a paper crafter. 

Each week, I teach detailed step-by-step paper crafting and Cricut tutorials showing how to create scrapbook layouts, cards, home décor, and three-dimensional projects.  I love to take big overwhelming concepts and give them to my viewers in bite sized pieces so that everyone can be successful.  My goal is to take the mystery out of the “how did she do that” and show you how to create something beautiful. 

I have been married to a wonderful man for over 29 years who is a part of the Awana ministry as a local missionary. With four grown children and a little fur baby by my side, I spend most of my time teaching people, like you, through my video tutorials and classes.

  If you would like to know where I started and how I got here, click the arrow to keep on reading.

Twenty-five years ago, I ventured into the world of paper crafting recording memories of my family in scrapbooks.

Even back then, I didn’t follow all the rules. My pages were filled with three-dimension elements, paper piecing, chalk art and more. I relished the time away with friends and inventing new techniques. Unfortunately, this was short lived. In 2002, we lost a loved member of our family and I could no longer look at photos. A series of events happened in our lives and I lost my desire to create.

Many years later, I was invited to a Cricut workshop. I was smitten! That machine had so many possibilities! Soon after, I learned that CTMH was offering a free Cricut cartridge as a sign-up bonus. Well, I could not pass up that opportunity, but I told myself that I didn’t have time to sell or teach — I would just use it as a way to support my Cricut crafting habit.

Almost ten years later, I had a decision to make which involved leaving the CTMH. I have found a new path in the world of paper crafting where I can teach techniques using products that I love and host online Cricut classes. Never did I expect to be where I am today. God has truly blessed me in so many ways with crafty friends, through teaching and creating, and rediscovered joy in memory keeping. Each day I have the opportunity to meet someone new while doing what I love and bring a little joy into their life through crafting.

My Creative Resume

Design Teams

Achievements & Guest Appearances

Other Tid Bits of Information

  • Faith keeps me going through the muck
  • My husband & I are Awana Missionaries
  • Coffee Snob ~ I’m particular about my hourly drink
  • My coffee mug collection is ever growing
  • I am a huge freaky geeky nerd
  • The right brain & left brain struggle
  • Life is just always messy
  • Tardis Blue is a favorite color
  • Hate taking photos or videos showing my face
  • My PennPenn is my daily crafting buddy
  • I Love rare finds – décor, movies, shows, people
  • You might see me on a local target range

One of the questions I often get asked is “Why Miss. Carrie”?  This comes from my days of working in children’s ministry and special education.  It was much easier to call me Miss. Carrie than it was to try to say my last name (which most people get wrong).  I have such a heart for all children, especially those who need just a little extra care.  The name has stuck with me ever since. 

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