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Reorganize those Re-Inkers

“A Place For Everything and Everything In Its Place” (Mary Poppins) is my craft room motto. I am rather meticulous about knowing what I have, where it is, and where it goes. Part of this is an OCD issue, but mostly, I blame it on my inner “lazy crafter” – I hate spending time searching for stuff I know I already have.  Hence the reason behind my new monthly blog posts featuring My Organized Craftroom.  Each month, I am going to showcase some traditional and non-traditional ways to organize your crafting collection.

This week, we are going to tackle our Bottles of Re-Inker. 


Many of you have a few 1-oz bottles of Exclusive Re-Inkers  in your collection (or bottles like this) and some of you have them stashed in various locations throughout your craft space. You might have a few “doubles” or even “triples” of a particular color.  Let’s start by first recording what you have on this wonderful chart created by Close to My Heart.  MissCarriesCreations-InksChart

Now, it’s time to organize. There are some great traditional products designed specifically for these little bottles, but I am particularly fond of the Workspace Wonder organizers for my desktop. If you’re limited on space, the Workspace Wonder Carousel is a great option for storing your ink pads and re-inkers.  The Top & Base are used in conjunction with the Stamp Pad Stack (or Marker Stack) and your Re-Inkers sit on top. MissCarriesCreations-ReinkerOrganize-Carousel

If you have a little more space on your desktop, you can invest in some stacking trays and place your Re-Inkers into any of the Workspace Wonder Trays. Here, I have mine placed in the Medium Tray atop of a Large Tray. Depending on the size of your collection, you could also chose the Medium Stack, Mini Tray, or Small Tray.

You could get an entire collection of Workspace Wonder organizers for
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Now, let’s look at a few non-traditional ways of organizing. As an avid collector of random things, I find that my craftroom is filled with re-purposed, non-traditional organizers like this Tiered Tray I found.  As my collection grew, I found that I needed a  larger space to place my Re-Inkers and happened upon this spice rack that now holds all of the bottles in one location with space for more.

Need a portable solution? Many of you might not have a designated craft space, or you spend most of your time traveling from crop to crop crafting with friends. Our Mini-Stamp Organizer is the perfect solution. This box comes with a set of removable dividers. I will warn you that it is a tight fit when you close the lid, but I like how it prevents the bottles from tipping over in the box.

Are you ready to start organizing those little bottles of color? I hope today’s post has inspired you to Reorganize your Re-Inkers and create a designated space for your collection. If you would like to learn more about each of these products, please feel free to visit my website, or contact me by commenting below.

♥ I can’t wait to see what you create!


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