Handmade Product Pricing Calculator

Are you struggling to figure out how much to charge for your handmade goods? Deciding on a price for your products can be a challenging task. This free Handmade Product Pricing Calculator is designed to help you calculate what you should charge for your handmade products.

When you are putting a price on your handmade products, you don’t want to overprice your products and lose customers, but you also don’t want to underprice and not make a profit. This free Handmade Product Pricing Calculator is designed help you determine the perfect pricing strategy for your products.

Calculate your supply costs. This includes all the materials needed to make the project. Input that number into the calculator. Count the number of products made with those supplies. If you were able to make three tumblers with the supplies you purchased, type “3″ into the calculator.

Factor in your time. Your time is valuable, and it’s important to make sure you are compensated for it. Use the calculator to determine how much time you spend on each project, and then calculate a fair hourly wage for yourself.

Decide your mark-up percentage. Research the prices of similar items and make sure your prices are in line with what others are charging. Retail mark-up is usually 50% and wholesale mark-up is usually around 20%

Include listing, vendor, or processing fees. It’s important to factor in these additional fees when setting prices for your products or services. Make sure to research your options and choose a payment processing solution that works best for your business.

Once you input the figures into the Handmade Product Pricing Calculator, the numbers at the bottom of the tool will automatically update in real time. If necessary, you can modify these figures.

The Cost per Item total may change based on the materials used and the hourly rate you set. If you increase the mark-up, your Profit will increase. These values will help you to determine how much you should sell your handmade product for at retail.

This useful tool can transform one of the most stressful aspects of your business into one of the simplest.

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