Welcome Home Succulent One

When opening your Welcome Home Wreath Kit, you will notice that each “plant” is labeled. Today, I will be showing you a few tips for making Succulent One.  You will follow the same instructions for Succulents Two and (2)Three. Below the instructions is a list of the products I used to create these paper succulents.

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I wanted each of my paper succulents to look like a real plant, so I “googled” succulent plants and was a bit overwhelmed by the choices. This succulent with red edges caught my eye and I decided to use it as an example for creating Succulent One. Image result for red tippedsucculent plants

Using our Round Sponge and Ruby Exclusive Ink Pad, I inked the edges of each of the Succulent One pieces. I love that our ink pads have one side that can be filled with ink, making it perfect for sponging.

The leaves of most succulents are curled up and I wanted the same look for my wreath. Our Piercing and Embossing Tool has one end that is rounded. I used the mat under my leaves and gently rubbed the rounded end on the inner part of each leaf to create the curl. img_20161225_120235848
When it came time to assemble  Succulent One, I found it much easier to layer each of the sizes together first. I rotated each piece to create the shapes you see here. I used our Bonding Memories Glue Pen to assemble each layer. I wanted a stronger hold since it will be hanging on my wall. This glue also gave me a little time to rotate the pieces if needed before it dried. img_20161225_120419206
Once each of the layers had dried, I stacked them from largest to smallest. Once again, I used our Bonding Memories Glue Pen and rotated each until it looked like the real plant. To add curl to each leaf, I used our Tweezers . They also allowed me to add a fold to the center of a few leaves.

The kit comes with Gold Dot stickers. I took a rolled Micro Glue Dot and placed it under each sticker to give it a three-dimensional look. You can add more gold embellishment by edging the leaves with our New Gold Shimmer Brush.


Round Sponge

Ruby Exclusive Ink Pad

Piercing & Embossing Tool

Bonding Memories Glue Pen


Micro Glue Dots