Welcome Home Rose

roseWhen opening your Welcome Home Wreath Kit, you will notice that there are three spiral cuts. These are your Roses. Today, I will be showing you a few tips for making these Roses. You will follow the same instructions to make all three roses for your wreath.  Below the instructions is a list of the products I used to create these paper succulents.

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Often people look at the spiral cut-outs and wonder what they are for. Our Cricut Cartridges have many cuts for creating three-dimensional flowers like these Roses. They can be used for cards, scrapbooks, or home decor. You can view all of the shape indexes for our Cricut Cartridges on my website. cricut-flower-bouquet
You can choose to leave the Roses white, or add color to the edges like I did. I chose to use our Round Sponge and Sorbet Exclusive Ink Pad to ink the edges of the Roses. I wanted a White center so I only inked two-thirds of the Rose petals. NOTE: The center of the spiral is the base and outer petals of your rose.  img_20170103_102816048_hdr
Using our Quilling Tool, slide the end of the spiral into the slot and begin rolling making sure that your inked side ends up inside the roll. You can roll by hand our using our Tweezers, but if you plan on making more of these flowers, I suggest purchasing the Quilling Tool. It is worth the small investment. 

Close to My Heart has created a great video showing how to roll your roses.

I like to make my Roses look like the real flower, so I cut between some of my petals. (Don’t freak out.) Before gluing, I will use our Micro-Tip Scissors to snip between what will be my outer petals. DO NOT CUT OFF THE PETAL. This step can be skipped when making your Roses.  img_20170103_103150945
Place a generous amount of  Liquid Glass onto the base of the Rose. The Liquid Glass will allow a little time for you to rotate and arrange the petals before they are set in place. Let the Liquid Glass adhesive dry before continuing to the next step.  img_20170103_103442807_hdr
Using the Quilling Tool, curl the edges of the outer petals towards to bottom of the Rose. Continue curling petals around the Rose until you get the look that you desire.
TIP: To make the cardstock more pliable when rolling the petals, mist the cardstock with water using a Spray Pen.  You can also add ink to the water to give your rose a totally different look. 
Once you have finished rolling all of the petals, you can bend and shape the Rose how you desire. You can add shimmer by edging the petals with our New Gold Shimmer Brush or our Clear Shimmer Brush.  Add “dew” to the petals with drops of  Liquid Glass. Our Watercolor Paints can be used to add even more color to the petals. img_20170103_105128475_hdr
There are so many ways that you can make this Rose your own creation. Visit the National Papercrafting Month Facebook Group to see other ways people have created these beautiful paper roses. img_20161226_143722903_hdr


Round Sponge

Sorbet Exclusive Ink Pad

Quilling Tool

Micro-Tip Scissors


Liquid Glass

Spray Pen