Are You Ready to Learn Something New?

This week, while I am at the Close to My Heart Convention, I have decided to do a recap of some of my favorite tutorials from the past year. Quite a few of you have joined me recently, so I figured that this was the best time to, not only share some great projects with you, but show you a few that you might have missed.  If you have already viewed these tutorials, I hope that this little refresher will inspire you to create something new.

♥ Basic Watercolor Techniques


If you are just starting out with watercolor pencils, or you are wanting to pick them up again, my Using Watercolor Pencils tutorial is a great read. I walk you through a few techniques for using our amazing pencils and inspire you with a beautiful card I made using our Feels Like Home papers.

♥ Playing with Paper Pom-Poms


Although this was a St Patrick’s Day decoration, I have considered CASEing myself and recreating it for fall. These adorable little pom-poms are so simple to make and fun to use on your paper crafts.

♥ Watercolor Embossed Backgrounds


The card I created with this technique was one of my favorite creations. The vivid watercolor background paired with vellum made it simple and elegant. I would love for you to give this Watercolor Background technique a try, and share it in our VIP Group.

♥ Using a Visual Triangle


Have you heard of using a visual triangle to create balance on your layouts? If not, this tutorial will walk you through how I used this technique to create a balanced layout of our anniversary trip to the Botanical garden.

Did you learn something new? Were you inspired to give one of these techniques a try? As a Close to My Heart consultant, I truly enjoy showing you how to create something you love and want to share with the ones you care about.  Please feel free to share what you created in the comments below or in my VIP Facebook Group.

I can’t wait to see what you create!


Inked Embossed Background Card

I know that it has been over a month since I last posted a tutorial.  I have been working hard to create some new projects and “trying” to create some process videos you can watch.  Please understand, I am trying to learn and we have limited internet at my house, so finding an offline editor has been tricky. I attempted a program called Filmora and it was a bust. After six hours of editing, it left a watermark covering half my screen and took five hours to convert to MP4. (Sorry I am ranting) So…instead of a video like I had hoped, this week, I am going to show you how to use your embossing folders to create and inked backgroundMissCarriesCreations-URLovedCard-TuesdayTutorial
Paper Needed: 5½ x 4¼ Heather Cardstock, 5¼ x 4 Heather Cardstock, 5 x 3¾ White Daisy Cardstock, Sweet Girl Cut Apart Sheet, 5 x 2 Ballerina Cardstock

To create an inked embossed background, you will need to start with an embossing folder that has a larger image. (I have tried this technique with delicate images and the images don’t appear as crisp.) I chose to use our new Flower Garden Embossing Folder. You will notice that there are two sides to the embossing folder – one where the images are raised and the other where the images are inset. We are going to use the side that has the logo on it – the side with the inset images.

Simply apply the ink across the surface of the side of the embossing folder with the logo (inset images). I used Ballerina Ink to match the images from the Sweet Girl cut-apart sheet.

Place the White Daisy cardstock onto the uninked side of the embossing folder. Carefully, close the folder and keep it closed while you place it between the plates of your embossing machine. If you move the cardstock, you risk the chance of your image smearing.


After embossing your cardstock, remove from the folder and set aside. Rinse your embossing folder with some warm water, dish soap if needed, and set-aside to dry.  That is all you need to create this beautiful inked embossed background.


The rest of the card is very simple to make. This technique can be used on cards, scrapbook pages, and home decor projects. This Inked Embossed background creates such a beautiful accent to anything you make.

I will be continuing to search for an offline editor so that I can finish the process video for you.  If you have an suggestions, please comment below.

I can’t wait to see what you create!




Taking Advantage of Hidden Layers in Cricut™ Design Space

This week’s Tuesday Tutorial is going to show you how to use the Hidden Layer feature in Cricut Design Space™.  If you are not sure what I am talking about, Hidden Layer is little “eye” in the Layers Panel and, this week, I am going teach you a few tips and tricks for using this feature when creating your projects.



♥ Removing Unwanted Layers

You create an beautiful project and realize you are not going to use all the images, but, since paper is precious, you don’t want to waste any resources. You could choose to just delete an image, but you might want to recreate that project at a later date, and finding/resizing those images you deleted can be a chore. This is where the Hidden Layer feature comes in handy.

Here, I have created a project using our Flower Market collection and have decided that I want to recreate the “Bow” with White Burlap Ribbon and replace the Centers with Gold Glitter Gems. Instead of deleting the unwanted images, I am going the Click the “eye” to Hide the images. By doing this, the images still exist in my project, but they will not cut.


♥ When Mistakes Happen

How many times have you cut out a project, only to find out that some of the images did not cut correctly?  This happens to me often, especially when I am cutting out mass quantities of kits and a single flower decides to rip. After many stomping fits and corner cries, I discovered that this an opportunity to take advantage of the Hidden Layer feature. Instead of trying to re-cut or recreate the single image, you can “Hide” all the images you don’t need to re-cut.

Let’s pretend that I have cut out my project and neither the Flower outline nor the the Heart on the Vase cut correctly. I can click on the “eye” to Hide the images I am not going to cut out, then, when I “Make It”, only the images I need will appear on the mats.

My other images still exist in my project, they are just “Hidden” temporarily. To bring them back, I just click on the “eye” again to make them Visible.


♥ Hidden Font Layers

Many of the Fonts in Design Space™ have a shadow layer that is “hidden”.  When you Filter Fonts to Multi-Layer, you can see the list of all the fonts that have a “shadow” layer. Some of these fonts like to make you think you have lost your mind, and only have the top layer appear when you insert your text. They have a “hidden” layer.


Here we have some Text using the 3 Birds Life’s A Party Font. When I first created the text, only the top layer appeared. If you look at the Layers Panel you will see that that shadow layer is “Hidden”. By clicking the “eye”, I can make the layer appear.


NOTE: If you have a hidden font layer, you will always want to keep the layers “Grouped” so that all the layers size proportionality. 


♥ Hiding to Make Life Easier

No, I am not talking about crawling under the blankets to avoid your reality, I am speaking about “Hiding” images to make creating a project in Design Space™ a little simpler.  I especially like to do this when I am playing with fonts.

I am working on a bucket of flowers using our Flower Market collection and I want to add the word “Flora” using a Script font. It would look much nicer welded, but it’s going to be difficult to play with the text when all the layers are behind it. This is where I “Hide” the other images so that I can work with the single image I am manipulating.

Once I have finished moving and welding the letters, I can make the other images “Visible” and resize the font as needed.

There you have it. Four simple ways to take advantage of that little “eyeball” in the Layers Panel.   It may not seem like much, but the Hidden Layers feature can become very useful as you continue to learn how to use Design Space™.  I will be posting a live video showing these steps in my VIP Group – Create with Miss. Carrie’s Creations. Please feel free to join the group and take advantage of some “free” Cricut™ training.

I can’t wait to see what you create!