Craft Space Tour: Paper, Cardstock, & Stamps

Welcome back to my craft space! I hope you enjoyed last week’s tour of my Cricut & Sizzix crafting space showing where I store Cricut tools and materials and dies and embossing folders. If you missed it, you can view it on My Craft Space page.

This week, I am sharing how I organize my pattern paper, cardstock, specialty paper, and stamps. I will also show you how I organize my growing collection of paper scraps, flip-flaps, and memory protectors.

Each week, I will be sharing an area of my craft space and how I have organized my 9’x9′ craft space using handmade and repurposed objects. After you watch this week’s tour, make sure to continue reading so that you can learn more about my paper and stamp organization systems.

Learn More About the Items in my Craft Space

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In my first video, I shared the space above my desk where I store my paper samples. These samples are separated by theme, and those themes match the labels on my pattern paper holders.

The paper storage boxes store retired papers that I am holding onto for future projects. The desk paper shelves store current paper for classes, live videos, or blog projects.

I like to keep them pattern paper separated so that I know which paper is currently available on my website for those who are making my class projects. It is always frustrating for someone when they learn that a paper pattern is no longer available after I show them how to make a project.

Above those pattern papers, I have cardstock. These are also stored in plastic paper handlers and sorted by color. In between each color, I have a tabbed envelope that is used to label the color and hold paper scraps.

I also have a box of specialty papers on the lower shelf and in a drawer on my mixed media table. I will be sharing more about that area next week.

In the video, I also share how I store my 6×6 papers, my card bases, and my flip-flaps and memory protectors. If you would like a copy of the file I use to label my memory protector files, you can find it here. I used Avery Label # for these labels.

I also shared with you my stamp organization system. I keep my stamp collection small and I purge often. Every year, companies introduce new stamps and, as much as I would like to, I cannot keep them all. Every two months, I sort through the collection and gift them away or sell them online at a discount.

The ones I do keep, are stored in these paper storage boxes. If you are not a fan of the paper storage boxes, or need more ideas for storing stamps – I have another quick organizing idea for you. You can read about it here.

I keep track of the stamps I keep in Evernote. In the video, I give you a quick tutorial of how I use Evernote to catalog my stamped images. I love how I can pull up the catalog on all my devices and search for an image or sentiment and find the stamp I need.

I hope that you have enjoyed these craft space tours and that they have helped you in your craft room. If you have any questions about the items shown or how I organized my paper and stamps, please feel free to comment below.

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here is a list of some supplies I used today (View All My Supplies Here)

My Crazy Craft Space – Taming the Paper Collection

Recently, I have been posting a few photos on Facebook and Instagram showing some snapshots of my craft space, and many of you responded with “show us more“.  These requests got me thinking and made me realize that I should share this amazing space that I have been blessed with, especially how I keep it from overflowing into the rest of the house. Over then next few months, I am going to be sharing various parts of my craft space and, hopefully, giving you a few ideas for your own. This week, we will be talking about Taming the Paper Collection. 

Almost all papercrafters have a collection similar to this – some have more and others have less. For me, paper is something I am constantly grabbing, using, and sharing with others. I made a vow when I moved into this space a year ago to STOP HORDING and START USING. 

Would you believe me if I told you that I GAVE AWAY a three foot stack of paper when I moved in? It’s true. Purging was one of the best things I ever did and continue to do as I purchase more paper each catalog season.  Yet, once I was done purging, I needed to figure out a way to keep it organized.  Let me show you a few ways that I am currently keeping my paper collection corralled in my space. 

Paper Shelf Organization

This paper shelf was designed by my dear sweet husband specifically to hold my paper collection. I spend my days in a 10’x 10′ room where space is at a minimum, so going UP was my best option. (I keep a stool in my room to reach the items up top.)

This shelf holds my both cardstock and paper in large plastic file holders. I chose these specifically for their portability, because they are sturdy and hold up well to being moved from place to place. In each cardstock bin, I have added a little file insert that has been labeled with the color. These not only create a divider between my cardstock colors, they also hold the scraps I will use in the future. 

On the bottom shelves I have divided my paper into themes – ones that made sense to my crazy creative brain – and I have created samples of each paper (from scraps) to hang above my desk. These provide an easy reference when I am working on a project. 

Desktop Organization

As I design projects for my blog and classes, I like to keep the recent catalog items close-by which is why I truly enjoy using these Workspace Wonder Trays.  This modular system is super-sturdy and easy to adapt to your personal work-space.  For me, it has provided the perfect space for my current papers, tools, and projects I am currently working on. 

This systems has worked for me since it first came out from Close to My Heart three years ago. I was in a corner of the basement and it sat on my desk with everything I needed perfectly organized.  It has grown and changed over the years, and I have added a few more items to my collection.  Let me show you how I am using it now:

I hope that you were inspired to start taming the paper collection in your craft space and that you were able to learn a few new way to use the Workspace Wonder products.  In the upcoming months, I hope to show you more ways that I keep my craft space organized and share a even more photos of my special space. 

Some of the links in this blog post are affiliate links. By clicking on those links, and making a purchase, your are helping to support my small business. This is at no additional cost to you. Thank you for your support.

Here Are a Few of the Items I Use in My Craft Space