Craft Room Chaos When Life Takes Over

I know that many of you look forward to crafty creations each week, but, sometimes, life takes over in the craft space.  Right now my room looks like a bomb went off in a paper factory.  My desk is full of video equipment as I work on multiple projects, my floor has little piles all around the walls, and I am currently opening a mystery assignment box from CTMH.  Here is what the craft space looks like when life takes over. 

It’s not pretty, but I am sure many of you can relate.  Normally, I clean up after every project, I have a designated project calendar, and I am super organized.  Then life happened.

Every summer my life gets a little fuller with gardening and family, but this year we added an additional project to the mix. We decided it was time to tear out the entire front yard. 

Now my boys were super excited about the tearing out part.  Getting to ride on a machine and tear everything to bits was super fun for all of them and, other than a hole in my fence, it all went well. 

Now the real work begins- ADA stairs for visitors, a safer porch, water-wise drought-resistant plants, and some window boxes – and I will be spending a little less time in my crafting space.  Now I know that this is disappointing to some of you.  I know that many of you will end up un-subscribing and un-following, but my business motto is and always has been: 

faith, family, coffee, and crafts

This is the order I choose to live my life.  Crafts (my business) comes at the end of the list, as it should for all of us.  I promise that life will get back to “normal” around here soon and I will be back to creating full-time in my craft space and I look forward to sharing more creations & tutorials with you. 

By the way, if you follow me on Facebook & Instagram, I have been adding photos of this wonderful adventure as it unfolds.  Yesterday, I was able to check “have a concrete truck parked in your yard” off my bucket list.  Ya know, because everyone should experience that once in their life time (lol). 

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Stamp Storage in My Craft Space

Welcome to another sneak peek into my craft space!  This month, we are going tackle the stamp collection which is ever-growing and difficult to maintain in our craft rooms.  To help you out,  I am going to show you a few ways to store your stamps and keep track of the stamps that you own.  I have even included a short little video to help you start organizing your accumulation of images. 

If you are like me, your collection has grown over the years, so I suggest that you to FIRST go through all of your stamps sets.  Be honest with yourself and gift-away a few that you haven’t used in the last three years.  It’s okay …. there will always be more wonderful creations from Close to My Heart and you need to make room for them.  

Now that you have gone through you stamp collection, you are ready to start organizing them in your craft space. 

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As you search the Pinterest rabbit hole, you will see that there are so many wonderful ways to store your stamp sets.  I am going to show you a few that I have used in the past, what I use now, and how I keep track of the stamps I have in my collection. 

My Acrylix Storage Boxes

When I first started adding stamps to my collection, I purchased some Mini Stamp Organizers and quite a few My Acrylix Organizers.  (As a consultant, I was able to use my half-price hostess rewards to add to my collection each month.

Each one of these are made from hard plastic and have divider inserts. The Mini Organizer holds smaller stamps like our 3-inch M-Size stamp sets, while the larger organizer is designed to hold our 6½” clear stamps. You can decorate the outside, add labels, and stack them on a shelf where you store your stamps.  When I moved into my new craft space, I needed a new way to store my stamps. 

Decorative Storage Boxes

In my new space I wanted more of a decorative, vintage feel and I needed my stamps to be stored on the wall. If you had read any of my previous Craft Space posts, you know that I use the wall for most of my storage. My wonderful husband came up with solution. 

These “shelves” are actually altered fryer baskets destined for the trash. My sweet husband cleaned, painted, and attached some decorative wood slats to them to hold some storage boxes I found at Michaels.  To add to the vintage feel of my space, I added some Ornate Metal Frames with stamped labels on the front. Each box holds about forty sets of stamps in two rows of twenty and they are easily brought down from the wall when I need them. 

Travel Stamp Storage

When I take my stamps to workshops or retreats, I do not bring all of my big decorative boxes. misscarriescreations-TravelStampCaseInstead, I grab a few of my Travel Stamp Cases.  Not only do these store flat when not in use, but they are easy to fill and toss into a bag when I am packing for an event. 

If you are handy with a Cricut, you could easily personalize these fabric totes with iron-on decorations. 

Keeping Track of ALL those Stamps

If you watch the video, you will see that at one time I created a print-out of each stamp set I own, placed on a book binder ring, and stored it in the box.  Now that my collection has grown and I have become diligent about gifting away stamps every six months, I have found a new way to keep track of what I have. 

Evernote has become my new go-to organizer for stamps. It’s basically my little binder-ring of images that goes with me everywhere – on my phone, on my tablet, and on my laptop.  I can search the stamps set I own for images, phrases, and icons without having to dig through bins of stamps.  

I especially like that I can add a note showing the last time I used a particular stamp set.  When it comes time to gift-way stamps, I can see which ones I used more often and which ones I rarely used.  It makes purging so much easier. 

I hope that you were inspired to start going through your stamp stash and found a few new ways to organize them.   Hopefully, in the near future, I will give you a full Craft Space tour, but for now I will be offering little sneak peeks into my world. 

Next month, we will be tackling the Cricut collection – one of my favorites – and I will show you a few new ideas for storing your Cricut crafting items.  

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My Crazy Craft Space – Taming the Paper Collection

Recently, I have been posting a few photos on Facebook and Instagram showing some snapshots of my craft space, and many of you responded with “show us more“.  These requests got me thinking and made me realize that I should share this amazing space that I have been blessed with, especially how I keep it from overflowing into the rest of the house. Over then next few months, I am going to be sharing various parts of my craft space and, hopefully, giving you a few ideas for your own. This week, we will be talking about Taming the Paper Collection. 

Almost all papercrafters have a collection similar to this – some have more and others have less. For me, paper is something I am constantly grabbing, using, and sharing with others. I made a vow when I moved into this space a year ago to STOP HORDING and START USING. 

Would you believe me if I told you that I GAVE AWAY a three foot stack of paper when I moved in? It’s true. Purging was one of the best things I ever did and continue to do as I purchase more paper each catalog season.  Yet, once I was done purging, I needed to figure out a way to keep it organized.  Let me show you a few ways that I am currently keeping my paper collection corralled in my space. 

Paper Shelf Organization

This paper shelf was designed by my dear sweet husband specifically to hold my paper collection. I spend my days in a 10’x 10′ room where space is at a minimum, so going UP was my best option. (I keep a stool in my room to reach the items up top.)

This shelf holds my both cardstock and paper in large plastic file holders. I chose these specifically for their portability, because they are sturdy and hold up well to being moved from place to place. In each cardstock bin, I have added a little file insert that has been labeled with the color. These not only create a divider between my cardstock colors, they also hold the scraps I will use in the future. 

On the bottom shelves I have divided my paper into themes – ones that made sense to my crazy creative brain – and I have created samples of each paper (from scraps) to hang above my desk. These provide an easy reference when I am working on a project. 

Desktop Organization

As I design projects for my blog and classes, I like to keep the recent catalog items close-by which is why I truly enjoy using these Workspace Wonder Trays.  This modular system is super-sturdy and easy to adapt to your personal work-space.  For me, it has provided the perfect space for my current papers, tools, and projects I am currently working on. 

This systems has worked for me since it first came out from Close to My Heart three years ago. I was in a corner of the basement and it sat on my desk with everything I needed perfectly organized.  It has grown and changed over the years, and I have added a few more items to my collection.  Let me show you how I am using it now:

I hope that you were inspired to start taming the paper collection in your craft space and that you were able to learn a few new way to use the Workspace Wonder products.  In the upcoming months, I hope to show you more ways that I keep my craft space organized and share a even more photos of my special space. 

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Here Are a Few of the Items I Use in My Craft Space