A Fall Card with a Rolling Ink Water Technique

September was full of challenges, meetings, online training, travel, a car wreck, and sickness. With everything going on, I have missed out on Craft Roulette. When I heard that my sweet friend, Julie the Great, was on the show, I made a point to be home and decided to let the creative juices flow while I watched. When the show was over, I was pleasantly surprised with the result.

This card may look overwhelmingly complicated, but it is just a stack of paper layers that have been decorated using some simple stamping techniques. One of these is the rolling ink technique – also known as rock’n’roll stamping.

In my video tutorial, I share how these layers came together and show you how to create those beautiful leaves with a few inks, a roll of the stamp, and a spritz of water. After you have viewed the video, you can read more about how it came together.

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Each week, Craft Roulette doles out a set of parameters that must be followed. Here is what the wheel chose for all the creators this week. (I love Julie’s face! She already has a few ideas flowing.)

While Julie and Mary created live online, I started pulling out paper scraps from my bin. I grabbed some vintage yellowed Noteworthy paper, some distressed watercolor cardstock, a few leaf stamps, a postage cancelation stamp, a stencil, and some waterbrushes.

For my yellow background, I chose the Noteworthy paper. This paper pack is a really fun one to have in your collection. One side of the paper has an aged look while the other is clean and white.

I knew that I wanted to make a vintage-looking fall card with some of my favorite leaf stamps. One of my favorite stamping techniques to use with leaves is the rolling or rock’n’roll technique.

This involves inking your stamp into one color of ink, then rolling the edges into another.

I decided to take it a step farther by rolling the stamps into a third color and adding a spritz of water before stamping it onto my watercolor cardstock.

The water allowed the inks to blend a little and meld together forming a beautiful variation of color on each of the leaves.

The rest of the card came together using paper scraps and a stamped leaf image. One of the parameters was a postage stamp, which I didn’t have, so I ended up using a postage cancellation stamp on the leaf. It reminded me of some of those aged, retro stickers you find in the craft stores.

I am so glad that I was able to watch my friends create and join the fun. I hope that this project inspired you to try something new and give this technique a try. If you have any questions about this project, feel free to post them in the comments below.

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