Another Reimagined Project: A Magical Beauty Bag

Over the past month, I have been playing with the Magical Unicorn key in the Everyday Moments collection to create two layouts – A Magical Birthday and A Magical Christmas.  Each one of these included a simple video tutorial for you to follow. Today, I have another project for you using that Magical Unicorn Key and HTV Iron-On Vinyl with another easy-to-follow tutorial showing you how to create a Magical Beauty Bag. 

My video tutorial will walk you through the design process in Cricut Design Space showing you how to create this project using the templates and attach features and show you how to apply HTV to your projects using an EasyPress Mini.  Before we go to the video, I want to tell you more about this project and let you know that a supply list can be found at the very bottom of this post. 

All of the images for this Magical Beauty Bag were taken from the Everyday Moments Cricut collection.  I took apart two of the image design (keys) and used the images to create the front of this bag. 

This make-up bag was a free give-away from Ulta, but I am sure you probably have one in your stash that needs decorating.  This design was cut from regular Heat Transfer Vinyl, Everyday Iron-On, and Glitter Heat Transfer Vinyl.  In my video I show you how to cut each one of these using your Cricut Machine. 

Here are a few Tips & Tricks for using Heat Transfer Vinyl 

  1. Mirror your design in Design Space before cutting. 
  2. Place the vinyl shiny-side down on a standard grip mat.
  3. Choose “Custom Materials” on the Air2 Dial & select the material.
  4. Make sure your blade doesn’t have any nicks and it sharp before cutting. 
  5. Use weeding tools to remove the excess vinyl from the backing sheet. 
  6. Refer to the Cricut Heat Guide for temperature and application. 

My video tutorial explains each one of these tips in a little more detail.  On this design I chose to add a little glitter HTV.  If you chose to use a glitter iron-on, you will need to make sure that the glitter pieces are your top layers.  You cannot layer other iron-on designs onto glitter easily, so it’s best to make sure that the glitter vinyl is always your final layer. 

After all the vinyl had been attached to the front of the bag, I decided to add a little more bling with a handmade tassel and flower charm.  The tassel contains a few bits of our Gold Embellishing thread to match the gold on the design and bag.  I just love that little bit of bling

This project was so simple to make and perfect for a summer project with friends or to make and give away as a gift.  

For those who enjoy my Cricut Tutorials, here is a video for you to view It walks you through all the steps to create this Magical Beauty Bag – from design to completion – with plenty of tips along the way. 

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I hope that today’s project inspired you to take another look at the Everyday Moments Cricut collection and create a Magical Beauty Bag project of your own.  Remember, this Cricut collection is only available through the affiliate link below – it is not available in Access or through the Cricut website. 

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Here is a List of the Items I Used Today

Let Me Show You How to Curve Your Text in Cricut Design Space™

Before I headed off to convention this year, I created this lighthearted shirt using my Air2 and Design Space™.  Quite a few of you saw the final result on my Instagram page and asked for the file.  My design included some uploaded images making the file unsharable, BUT I can give you a few tips to show you how to create your own. Today. I want to show you how I created that adorable curved text above the images. MissCarriesCreations-CurveText-ShirtSM

Before we begin – some of you out there are still using your Cricut™ Machine as a paperweight. I want to encourage you to blow the dust off, figure out your password, log-in, and give this little tutorial a try. EVERY NEEDS TO START SOMEWHERE.

Step-By-Step How To Curve Text in Design Space™

NOTE: The Curve tool is only available for the Windows/Mac version. You will not be able to use it in the mobile app.

Log-into Design Space™ and choose a NEW blank Canvas. Choose TEXT in the Design Panel on the left.


Type your words into the Text Box, choose your font & font style, and use the Letter spacing tool to adjust any letter spacing. If you have multiple lines of text, you will need to UNGROUP TO LINES.


Chose the CURVE tool in the Text Edit bar at the top. You will see a slider bar appear. Drag the slider to the right to curve downward.  The diameter number will change as you slide.


Drag the slider to the left to curve the text upward. A dash (-) is added to the diameter to show that is it curving upward.MissCarriesCreations-CurveText-CurveLeft

If you are curving multiple lines of text, you can match the curve by typing the same number in the diameter box. If you want to curve in the opposite direction, add or remove a dash (-) in front of the number. MissCarriesCreations-CurveText-MatchCurve

Here are a few things you will want to remember:

  1. You can continue to edit it unless it is welded or flattened.
  2. You can edit letter spacing, rotate, edit the text, and change font after curving.
  3. You cannot curve multiple lines of text.

If this is your first time stopping by my blog for a Cricut™ tutorial, I hope it inspired you to brush off your machine and give this a try. You can find my other tutorials using the SEARCH bar on the right.  If you live locally, you are welcome to attend one of my classes and learn more about your machine and using Design Space™.

I can’t wait to see what you create!