Miss. Carrie’s Cricut Classroom

Private Group with Membership Subscription

I can’t wait to see what you create
with your Cricut!

Each month, we will focus on specific Cricut topic and/or feature. You will have the opportunity to learn through live weekly classes, uploaded videos, & printable guides that you can keep in your own Cricut Classroom notebook. 

Each topic will have multiple learning levels to meet the needs of newbies and advanced Cricut crafters and you will be able to use the techniques you have learned on a variety of creations including paper crafts, home décor, and wearables.

If you ever miss a previous lesson or class, you can refer to it in the videos section of the group. All videos will be available during your active membership for you to refer to as needed. Notes are only available to active Cricut Classroom subscribers – these are emailed out each month to active members. 

Perks of Being a Member

  • Weekly Classes: Live Classes teaching Design Space, your machine, & Cricut materials
  • Notifications of Updates: Learn all about Design Space updates
  • Project Links: Get Design Space project links to my exclusive creations
  • Q&A with Miss. Carrie: I will be LIVE to answer your Cricut questions
  • Notifications of Specials & Freebies: Learn about sales, specials, & freebies
  • Printable Tips & Tricks: Printable project notes weekly (make your own Cricut notebook)
  • Video Tutorials: Get access to my personal Cricut Tutorials
  • Local Classes & Retreats: Benefits for those who come to local classes & retreats

Membership Subscription Options

Pay Only $5 a Month* As a Maker on My Team!

billed monthly

billed every six months

YEARLY $15/mth USD
billed annually

VIP Members Save 10% on the Subscription – Become a VIP

* team subscription billed annually

Membership FAQs

How do I pay for the membership subscription to this group?

Once you have completed the group registration form, you will be sent an invoice. If you are paying annually, your payment is due on the due date shown.  If you are paying for six months at a time or monthly, I will set up your account for repeat billing and you will receive an invoice ten days before it is due. 

If you have not paid by the due date, you will be removed from the group and your subscription will be inactive.  You will need to complete a new registration from to re-join the group.

If you would like more information about Square invoices and Square security, please visit this link https://squareup.com/i/MISSCARRIE

How do I cancel my subscription membership?

You are welcome to leave the Facebook group at any time.  There are no refunds for membership fees.  To cancel your subscription, simply ignore the invoice you are sent. If it is not paid by the due date, I will assume you are canceling your subscription and remove you from the group.

What happens if I leave the Facebook group accidentally?

If you accidentally leave the Private Facebook group, you can ask to rejoin OR email me and I will send you a link to the group so that you can request to join again.

Can my friends join the group?

Of course!!! Simply send them a link to this website and have them register for the group. Once I receive their registration, I will email them with all the details for joining Miss. Carrie’s Cricut classroom.

How do you teach your Cricut lessons in local & online classes?

I believe in interactive teaching with hands-on, repetitive learning. In my experience, people learn in a variety of ways and lessons need to be taught to meet the learners needs.  I have quite a few years of teaching experience to adult learners, special needs, and in elementary intervention.  For over five years I have taught Cricut classes, like the ones you will enjoy, and find great joy in seeing people, like you, learn how to use their Cricut machines to create.

If you attend a local class or retreat, you will have a place to sit with your machine and your Design Space device as you watch me show you various features in Design Space on a large screen.  If you are taking online classes in the group, you will have access to multiple topic related videos and have the ability to participate in a LIVE class in the group.

During each class, you can ask questions and interact as much as you are comfortable with. I want you to be able to take away as much as you can from each class you attend.

Do you have notes & handouts we can use for classes?

YES!! As a classic note-taker, I will provide you with detailed notes that can be referred to in the future.  Local students will receive a handout, while online students will receive a PDF file to download and print.  Throughout the year, you will receive plenty of project notes and Design Space tips that can be placed in a notebook for you to refer to while you create with your Cricut.

Do I need to have any supplies to participate in local & online classes?

You should have a Cricut Explore or Maker machine and a device with the Design Space program to use while you learn new techniques.  If we are making a project, local classes attendees will have a project supply fee. Online classes attendees will be provided with a supply list with shopping links.