Tuesday Tip: Label & Organize Your Small Stencils

Are you ready for another Tuesday Tip to help you organize your craft space? This past week, I added some card front stencils to my collection, and I wanted to find the best way to organize them. Today, I am going to share my method of storage and organization.

Earlier in the month, I had purchased the new Tabs Thin Cuts. My OCD personality loves new ways to label things, and I knew that these metal dies would come in handy.

When my card front stencils arrived, I wanted to create a simple system of organization to help me find the stencil I needed quickly and easily. I knew right away that these tab dies would be the perfect solution.

Like most stencils, mine were going to get messy and need to be washed often, so I knew that the tabs could not be cut from paper. I dug through my stash and discovered some scraps of leftover stencil material from a few Cricut projects.

Last year, I discovered that you can also cut this stencil film with a metal die. It cuts cleanly and easily in my Sizzix. Each of these Tab Thin Cuts has a score line and I was surprised to discover that the score lines showed up so well on the stencil film.

After cutting out the tabs, I add some labels using my P-Touch label maker and created some sample strips to slide inside the tabs. These allow me to not only see the name of the stencil but quickly see an example of the pattern it will make.

Here is a quick video showing you how easy it is to label your stencils with those stencil film tabs.

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As I was created the sample strips, I discovered that these tabs also make a great handle for picking up and holding the stencil. It kept my fingers away from the inky parts and allowed me to easily pick it up without making a mess.

After adding labels, I needed to find a way to store these card front stencils. If you don’t have a storage system in place, the Stamp Organizer fits these perfectly with room to spare.

I already have a collection of smaller stencils in a plastic box, so I added my stencils to that collection and placed them back on my shelf.

No matter how you store your stencils, having them labeled and organized will help you to find them faster and easier.

I hope that today’s Tuesday Tip gave you a few ideas for organizing your craft space. If you have any questions, feel free to comment below.

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Tuesday Tips: Page Planning for Crops

Recently, I attended my first scrapbooking retreat “for fun”. I made a promise to myself this year that I would attend some events where I wasn’t a vendor or a host. The last time I did this was almost 20 years ago, which meant that I had to figure out a new way to pack to create scrapbook pages without taking my entire craft space. Today, I am going to share with you how I preplanned my page kits for my first crop.

I am overly-organized in my craft space and, to be honest, I get overwhelmed with too much “stuff”. I knew that I would feel the same way if I overpacked for the retreat, so I decided that page kit planning would be the best alternative.

Close to My Heart has some amazing plastic envelopes that work perfectly for page kit planning. They come in two sizes – 12″ and 6″ – and are extremely affordable, reusable, and durable.

In the catalog, these plastic envelopes are labeled as 12″ and 6″ envelopes, but their true measurements are 13″ square and 6-1/2″ square, so there is plenty of room to add memory protectors to your page kits.

Throughout the video, I walk you through my page planning process. I start with the photos and use them to help me chose the pattern papers, cardstock colors, and embellishments for my kit.

Now there is no way that I am going to use all the papers and cardstock pieces I picked for this kit, but it is much easier for me to have a small selection of pieces to choose from than it is to pack my plastic paper organizer bins.

To make the process easier, I took note of the colors on each of the pattern paper zip strips to help me choose the cardstock colors. Every current Close to My Heart paper has a product strip with a list of coordinating colors. I was able to reference these product strips and my Love of Color books to help me choose some colors to match the pattern papers and photos.

After I had chosen my papers and cardstock colors, I choose few embellishments for the kit. I will be bringing my diecut books to the retreat, so I won’t need to sort through those, but I will need to add some 12″ sticker sheets and other themed embellishments.

After everything has been added to the page kit from my craft space, I just need to place it inside the envelope and it’s ready to pack. These envelopes fit perfectly inside our travel case paper insert and our large plastic tub organizers.

These kits are compact, easy to travel with, and simple to create. All you need to do is pull out the kit you want to work on and make your scrapbook page.

For those who would like to see the full scrapbook layout process, I have created a quick Tuesday Tip video for you. I hope that it helps you the next time you pack for a crop or retreat.

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I hope that you enjoyed this week’s Tuesday Tip. Each month, I will be adding a few new Tuesday Tips to help you in your craft space. If there are any specific topics you wish for me to share, feel free to request those in the comments below.

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Some of the links on this page are affiliate links. By clicking on those links and making a purchase, you are helping to support my small business. This is at no additional cost to you. Thank you for your support.