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Life for me as a Maker is so much more than selling paper crafts and sharing my love of crafting with others. I am blessed to be a part of this amazing company. To be honest, I love the flexibility of having my own home business as well as the extra income for my family and the BONUS of getting a discount on crafting supplies – but it’s about more than that.

A few years ago, I wrote about The Joys of Buying a “New” Stove and how much it meant to me, as a stay-at-home-mom, to go buy a stove with the money I had earned.  I also wrote about most of my family being without work in 2020, but I was able to keep moving along with my “little” home business and provide an outlet for people staying at home.

When I say it’s about more than extra income, a discount on craft supplies, and a chance to share a love of crafting with others – I am speaking from the heart. This business has allowed me to grow as a person, to share my heart with others, and to meet wonderful people like you. I would have missed out on so much if I hadn’t joined Close to My Heart.

♥ I am so glad I said Yes! ♥

If this is an adventure you would like to join with me, then we would love for you to join the HeARTfully Blessed Creations Team. Many perks come with being a Close To My Heart Consultant, including getting an exclusive Consultant discount on our high quality crafting products, CTMH Cash immediately upon sign-up, Free Consultant website so your friends can shop with you online, and opportunities for other exciting incentives, like trips, crafting products, and more. 

Here are a few more things you will want to know!

Celebrating the Joy Of Creativity!

As New Consultant Kit As a Maker, you’ll always have a wonderful variety of crafting products to offer and an incredibly supportive community to help you succeed! Signing up as a Maker costs just $50 plus tax. When you sign up, you will receive $25 in CTMH Cash to use for ordering your own start-up products. You’ll also be able to order a FREE Business Basics Bundle containing a variety of business supplies to help you get your business started.

Do What is Right For You!

As a Maker, you receive a minimum base commission of 25%, which can increase up to 45%, depending on monthly sales totals. Makers can also earn product credit and other great rewards based on their orders and other performance benchmarks. When you decide to build a Team, your earning potential is even greater!

As a NEW MAKER You are immediately eligible for the Start with Heart Program, with the chance to earn exclusive products in your first 45 days. There are three levels in the program, with rewards given at each level based on your personal sales.

If you reach all three levels by the deadline dates, you will receive the following free products: a bundle of 5 shimmer brushes, a bundle of cardstock containing one sheet of all of our current colors, and a collection of Workspace Wonder™ products!

We welcome you to the HeARTfully Blessed Creations team!!

Whether you are joining our team to build a business or just get a discount on the products you love , we welcome you to the HeARTfully Blessed Creations Team.

Ready to become a Consultant? Let’s get started.

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