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How to Resize an SVG or Image in Cricut Design Space

Are you struggling with adjusting image sizes in your Cricut project? Frequently, designers size the images based on the screen, making them too small or too large for your purposes. In today’s Five Minute Cricut video, I’m going to teach you two methods to resize your images easily using the sizing tool in the bounding box and the sizing tool in the edit bar.

Five Minute Cricut Class How to Resize images
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When you select an image or a grouped image on the grouped image, a bounding box appears.  The bounding box is the frame around the image with tools that can be used to edit the image.

To quickly change the size of an image, select any corners on the bounding box and drag the corner to the image to the size you need. A grouped image will size all the layers proportionately to each.

Cricut Design Space Bounding Box measurements

Near the image, a small box will appear with the measurements of the design.  The standard measurement in Design Space is inches, but it can be changed to centimeters in the settings menu.

If you wish to lengthen it or widen the image, you can use the side sizing arrows.  When you tap on the sides of the bounding box, an arrow appears allowing you to stretch the image horizontally or vertically. Grouped images will still size proportionally to each other.

Cricut Design Space How to change the size of a grouped image

Cricut also has a one-click method that will allow you to resize the individual images in a group without regrouping. While the images are grouped, double-click on one of the images.

With this method, you can resize one of the images and move it to a new place. You can also click on the side arrows and stretch the individual images horizontally or vertically. 

How to ungroup an image and resize it

To regroup the images, select any part of the canvas outside the bounding box. When the images are grouped, you can make additional changes to the size that you need.

This simple one-click method allows you to customize individual parts of a grouped image and resize the two images together proportionally.  It’s a great way to make an image unique to your project.

how to change the size of a grouped SVG in Cricut Design Space

Many of you who use Design Space are familiar with the Edit Bar at the top of the canvas. On the mobile app, this is located in the edit tab.

On the Edit Bar, a sizing box has been developed for inputting the exact measurements of an image. While the little padlock icon is locked, the image or image group will size proportionately. 

How the unlock the edit bar sizing box in Cricut Design Space

To change the size of an image or image group, type a number in the width box, then press enter or return. While the sizing handles are locked, the height will automatically change so that the layers remain proportionate to each other.

If you need to size an object to a specific height and width, the sizing handles need to be unlocked. To unlock them, click on the padlock icon above the sizing box in the Edit Bar.

How to change the size of an SVG in Cricut Design Space

After unlocking the icon, type the width and height separately in the sizing box. Group images will size proportionately to the new size.

If you need to make changes to the size of individual images in a group, you need to ungroup the design.  This can be done by tapping the Ungroup icon at the top of the Layers Panel.

Once the layers are ungrouped, they can resize individually with the sizing box in the Edit Bar. To regroup the design, select all of the images, then tap Regroup at the top of the Layers Panel.

In the Five Minute Cricut Class video below, I show you both methods of resizing images in Design Space and share a few tips to help you with your next Cricut project.

How simple is that?! Now you know how to change the size of the SVGs you upload or the images you add from the Cricut image sets. For more Five Minute Cricut classes, visit my Cricut tutorials.

I hope this inspired you to try something new. If you have any questions about this project or the supplies listed above, feel free to leave me a comment.

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