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Create Two Card Designs with a Single Stencil

Don’t let a busy summer stop you from being creative! This time of year can actually be a great opportunity to take on simple projects, like creating unique birthday cards. These cards are always needed which is why I’m excited to share some design ideas with you. Although both cards are relatively simple, just by modifying the color palette and ink selection, you can create a completely different look.

Using Bramble Fox’s Color Wheel stencil, I designed two distinct birthday cards. This first design features a classic color wheel created with a hybrid ink from Simon Says Stamp. The colors are arranged in ROYGBIV order, with darker shades in the center and lighter tints on the edge.

Hybrid ink is a great choice for those who want the flexibility and versatility of blending colors. These inks are known for their blending capabilities, which is why I prefer to use them when I am blending and layering stencils.

Hybrid inks are a mix of pigment and dye ink, which means they offer the best of both worlds. The pigment ink provides excellent color saturation and lightfastness, while the dye ink offers quick drying time and flexibility.

If you are new to using hybrid inks, you may want to experiment to find the best application method for your specific project. I prefer to use a lighter touch when applying hybrid ink, while others find success with a heavier hand.

The Color Wheel stencil I used for both cards showcases two wheel images and two paint palette designs. I find stencils to be incredibly versatile and ideal for producing card designs and background images.

On this second card I created another simple color wheel, however, this time, I decided to explore a color palette with a combination of complementary colors. My goal was to give this design a more masculine feel while maintaining a harmonious balance of hues.

For the color wheel, I used another hybrid blend from Ranger Ink. This particular formula contains mostly pigment ink which is designed to oxidize immediately giving them a matte milky finish almost like chalk. 

What I find particularly appealing about these inks is that they can react with water.  After the stenciling was complete, I was able to spritz a little bit of water on the design to create some texture in the color wheel.

In today’s tutorial, I share more about this oxidation technique and the types of inks I used as I share the assembly process for these simple birthday cards.

Crafting beautiful birthday cards has never been easier! With a single stencil, you can create vibrant and colorful designs in no time. By simply changing the color scheme and experimenting with different ink types, you can customize your creations.

I hope this project inspired you to try something new. If you have any questions about this project or the supplies listed above, please leave me a comment.

I hope this inspired you to try something new. If you have any questions about this project or the supplies listed above, feel free to leave me a comment.

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