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Unique Ways to Use Phrase Stickers

One of my favorite things to use is phrase stickers. Not only do I have them on my projects, but I also add them to tools and journals. I have discovered that using too many cute little sentiments, will compete with each other or overwhelm a design. Let me share a few things I have learned when using phrases on my projects.

back to school scrapbook page using hip kit club september 2023 kit
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On this layout, I have added eleven phrases that speak to the antics of these two taking a first day of school photos. Yet, as you move your eye around the page, you can clearly see which one is the title and which ones are supporting elements. If you are going to use multiple phrases on a design, you need to start with a bold title.

be amazing title with school owl - back to school scrapbook page using hip kit club september 2023 kit

When I create a title, I combine elements to create an embellishment cluster that stands out on the layout. The supporting items can be die-cuts, phrases, stickers, or shapes that layer around the title showcasing the theme of the page. This layout references both kids going back to high school, so the elements I chose reflect the feelings I felt.

After choosing components for my title, I began searching for matching items that would help to form visual triangles throughout the page. This includes items that are alike in shape, color, font, and pattern.

books and small school owl sticker - back to school scrapbook page using hip kit club september 2023 kit

At the top of the page, I added more books and another little owl. The larger owl near the title is wearing some orange glasses, which allowed me to bring in another phrase on an orange frame. This is a very small sentiment that doesn’t distract from the design and creates a grounding point for the embellishments I added.

Moving counterclockwise you reach the area where I have a hidden journaling pocket. Here, I added two more phrases. One in a soft blue that matches the frames on the photos, and another orange phrase that speaks to every teen mother’s heart.

captured tab with hidden journal card - back to school scrapbook page using hip kit club september 2023 kit

The fonts used on these two phrases are similar to the other fonts on the page, which also helps to create cohesiveness. Layering the two phrases also makes it appear like it is one complete piece instead of two additional sentiments.

Throughout most of the design, the phrases are sitting horizontally, but I find that balance is created when some of the sentiments are placed vertically or onto shapes. To the left of this photo, I have three more phrases, but they don’t feel like they are competing or contrasting with the design. This is because I mimicked other elements on the page with these pieces.

tags and tabs - back to school scrapbook page using hip kit club september 2023 kit

The round circle phrase matches the apple shape and the orange phrases in the other clusters, and the vertical phrase is a basic black and white that gives your eye a rest from the bright colors. The phrases are also mixed with items of similar color, shape, and pattern to make them feel like part of the design.

There is no process video for this project. It was one that I created for full on a retreat, and I find that giving myself a break from the camera occasionally is helpful. If you have any questions about the design, feel free to leave me a comment.

I hope this inspired you to try something new. If you have any questions about this project or the supplies listed above, feel free to leave me a comment.

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