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How to Bring Balance to the Chaos

No, this is not a life lesson. My creative journeys are not always smooth direct paths. I face obstacles like creative blocks, absence of motivation, or feeling prosaic not to mention the other battles I face on a personal level. During lackluster times, my scrapbook pages can become chaotic and out of balance, so I have had to learn how to rein it in and conquer the chaos.

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Memory-making starts with the photos and the story I want to tell. These photos were taken at different times and in various locations, so I removed the color, blurred the backgrounds, and cropped them to bring focus to the faces. Having greyscale pictures means a wider variety of patterns to pick from, which can be a blessing or a curse when you are facing a creative block. This is the point where I choose a title or phrase that helps to tell the story.

This perspextive from Bramble Fox was a great start. It was big, bold, and neutral in color which meant heading back to the pattern collection for some inspiration. I like pairing black with bright colors, so I decided on patterns from the January Hip Kit Club Kit knowing that there are always great phrases I will want to use.

Choosing a kit also meant fewer decisions. I could choose the elements I wanted to use, knowing they were designed to go together. Once I have the supplies selected and photos printed, my projects can go as planned or they can become a big overthought mess.

I started with florals – floral stamps, floral patterns, floral die cuts, and floral stickers. (It was a lot of flowers.) Initially, the pattern paper took focus from the photos, so I tamed the chaos with vellum. I also added some neutral-toned stamped images to calm the bright colors and added clusters of color with floral die cuts and stickers.

Printed florals can be a bit tricky. If you don’t create balance with colors and shapes, there will be a disconnect. Partway through the process, I felt like my page was off-balance, and discovered a need for visual triangles of yellow, bright pink, and blue.

When I feel off-balance – creatively or emotionally – I step away from the project or ask my husband for advice. This allows me to refocus on the story I want to tell, breaks the hyperfocus, and resets my brain. (Coffee helps, too.)

After a little break, I was able to concentrate on why the page felt chaotic. I could see a lack of colors, an uneven number of shapes, and I started to fall in love with the design again.

I also came to the realization that not every project is going to be the best one that you create in your journey. This may just be the day when I learn something new, discover an ability, or find a new way to use something in my collection.

In today’s video, I share this chaotic journey with you. Forgive my candor in feeling frustration and my inability to make decisions, but I wanted you to know that my crafting adventures are just as difficult as yours and there are ways to bring balance to the chaos.

At the beginning of this post, I said that this was not a life lesson, but I may have misspoken. Every part of my creative journey is a lesson I translate to everyday living. Whether it’s learning to walk away, accepting the imperfections, or finding balance in the chaos – every morning is a new adventure.

I hope today’s project inspired you to try something new. If you have questions about this project or the supplies listed above, feel free to leave me a comment.

I hope this inspired you to try something new. If you have any questions about this project or the supplies listed above, feel free to leave me a comment.

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