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Tips for Using Cricut Offset

I hope that each one of you is enjoying these quick Cricut tutorials. Today, I want to show you three things you need to know about using the Offset Tool to create shadow layers and outlined images for your projects.

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If you are not familiar with Offset, it is a feature in Design Space designed to create a layer of your design. At this time it is only available in the desktop version of Design Space, not in the app. The Offset tool is located at the top of your canvas in the Edit Bar.

cricut offset tool location

When you select an image or text and choose Offset, you are given a menu of options. Let me share a few tips that will help you with this tool.

Choose the Exact Measurement

The radio button creates the new layers. Moving to the right creates the shadow layer. Moving to the left creates an inset layer.

Cricut offset radio dial

As you move the dial, you will see a pale blue line appear with your images. This line helps you to visualize the size of your new layer.

If you know the size of the layer you want to create, you can type in the exact measurement in the box. After you change the size, use the enter or return key on your keyboard to change the measurement of the new layer.

Cricut offset measurement

Create New Layers with Other Layers

It is simple to create multiple layers using the Offset tool. I prefer to build my layers off of previous layers to create shadows.

Cricut offset layers

After creating the first offset image, you will see it appear in the Layers Panel. To create a new layer, select the image in the Layers Panel, then use to Offset tool to create another shadow.

You can build as many layers as you like using this Offset option. It is such a fun tool for paper crafting and vinyl projects.

Cricut offset adding additional layers

Select a Corner Shape

Every image and text you use is a little different. Some have rounded corners, while others are more square.

Cricut offset tool corner option

Offset has an option to change your corner shape when you are adding shadows or insets to your design. It’s always best to match the corner shape of your image so that it looks like a cohesive design.

Not only can you create offset shadows, but you can also use this tool to create insets for frames and outlined text titles. Take a look at all the fun you can have with the Offset tool.

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