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Create Balance with Busy Pattern Paper

How many busy pattern papers do you have in your craft space? Often, we hold onto those busy patterns, because we are not sure how incorporate them on a scrapbook page. This week, the Creative Design Team is going to show you some creative ways to use up those busy patterns in your collection.

For this week’s scrapbook layout, I chose a collection of papers from the SCT Sampler, which is a subscription I treated myself to this year. This sampling of paper and ephemera is from the Simple Stories Good Stuff Collection.

The photo I chose of my daughter posing in front of a painting is one of my favorites. Each year, local artists paint older buildings and tunnels, and it’s fun to walk around and find them hidden in alleys and behind local shops.

My daughter’s friend caught this photo as she was dancing in front of this musical painting, and I felt that the fun, funky little Good Stuff collection would be perfect for the layout. This photo was quite busy already, so you might be wondering how I created balance with pattern papers.

First, I chose patterns, colors, and textures that complimented the photo. The brick in the background, the hues of blue and yellow, and the shapes are replicated with paper and patterns.

I also created flow on my layout using those patterns and die cuts. Most of you have heard of the visual triangle and how it can be used to create balance, but did you know that you can lead the eyes to a focal point with patterns?

Most pattern papers move vertically or horizontally. Vertical elements create anchor points on the layout while horizontal elements help the eyes move across. Since most people read from left to right, you can take advantage of those patterns and place them on the page to lead to points of interest.

Not only did I use the patterns to create flow, but I also designed a musical die-cut to lead your eye across the page. This is my very first SVG design, and I am giving it away for a limited time as a way of saying thank you for your continued support.

for personal use only

Music Note SVG

This is available for free for a limited time. It is for your personal use to help you create some beautiful projects. If you have any questions about the download, please let me know.

Once I had chosen the pattern papers, I needed to add texture and contrast with stickers and die cuts. With all the patterns on the page, I didn’t want to overwhelm the eye, so I kept it simple.

To create the customized die-cuts, I cut out images from the pattern papers. This is a great tip to remember: If you can’t find die cuts or stickers that match, just cut up pattern paper and create your own.

You can also combine parts of patterns to create a whole new piece. On this page, I tucked the story behind the photo on a tag, which was created by combining three elements from the kit.

I used a white journal card, a sentiment from another paper, and cut a tab from a third pattern using a die for the top. I punched a little hole with my multi-tool and added some twine.

I also cut up some of the pattern papers to alter the patterns in the collection. To learn how I did that, you can watch this video tutorial showing you a few more tips for creating balance with pattern paper.

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This layout came together beautifully with its bright colors, bold patterns, and textures. I love how it shows her personality and makes the photo shine.

I hope that today’s tips inspired you to pull out a few busy pattern papers and use them to create a balanced layout. If you have any questions about the project or the supplies I used, please leave me a comment below.

I hope this inspired you to try something new. If you have any questions about this project or the supplies listed above, feel free to leave me a comment.

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Here is a list of the materials I used today. (view my favorite supplies)

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