The Rumors are True

Many of you have heard the whispers and sent a few inquiring messages, so today, I have decided to address the elephant in the room. After almost ten years, I have left Close to My Heart. In today’s post, you are not going to read all the details of what happened or hear anything negative, but you will learn about some exciting changes.

When this hiccup happened in December, I sent emails to my customers and team members to explain what was going to happen for them. I had hoped to move on without inquisition, but my sweet friends and I have received quite a few questions, so I thought it would be best to answer those questions and move on.

What Happened?

Remember how I said we wouldn’t discuss this? At this point, it doesn’t matter. I can tell you that it started because of one person’s goal to report me about an unknown product link that I shared, and it ended with a request that forced me to chose to leave the company. I have come to realize that God has a plan for all of it and I am excited to move forward.

Are you leaving the crafting community?

Heck, no! When I started Miss. Carrie’s Creations, my goal was to show others how to take oversized crafting concepts and break them down into easy to make projects. I created this website to teach people, like you, and show others how to use the Cricut & my favorite paper crafting products. I had no desire to be in sales. (which is probably why they don’t mind seeing me go)

The world of paper crafts has exploded and there is so much out there for me to create with. I am going to keep designing, teaching, and sharing! Here are just a few projects I’ve made recently.

What changes will we see?

Exciting changes are coming! I was invited to speak at the Card Maker Success Summit, have partnered with fifteen other companies, have joined a few design teams, and will be creating videos for another company. I am also going to keep teaching Cricut classes and home décor tutorials. You won’t see ads for CTMH or monthly specials posts anymore, and, to be honest, I am perfectly okay letting that go. I get to spend more time creating!

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Are you leaving the Creative Design Team?

Thankfully, no, I will still be on the CDT. That was one of my biggest fears when this confusion started. I have come to treasure those friendships and crafty friends are hard to come by. At this time, the rest of the team members are still Makers with the company so you are going to see primarily CTMH products being used in the video collabs, and I will be showing you how to make some projects with other products.

Will you continue to use CTMH products?

The few people who sent this question to me were sincere and concerned for my well-being. You probably saw posts of my craft room cleanout and watched me get rid of about 80% of my CTMH items which has nothing to do with the products or the company. I had just accumulated too many things, and I do better with less in my space.
Close to My Heart has some great products that I enjoy using.

As I continue to partner with other companies, you will see me using their products, as well, and I will show you how they all play so nicely together. I am not an affiliate with CTMH nor will I be receiving an income by showing their products. I will just continue to show you what I love using when I create.

So, there it is in a nutshell. It’s pretty simple. God created me to create, so I will keep making paper crafting projects and bringing a little coffee humor to your life each week.

I hope this inspired you to try something new. If you have any questions about this project or the supplies listed above, feel free to leave me a comment.

Hey friends! I wanted to let you in on the products I use in my videos. Just so you know, I’m not getting paid to promote any of them, but I do have some affiliate links available if you want to check them out. If you end up buying something through those links, it would mean a lot to me and my business. And don’t worry, you won’t be charged any extra. Thanks for your support! Learn more

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18 thoughts on “The Rumors are True”

  1. Dear Miss Carrie,
    Sorry to see you go from CTMH and that what transpired did.
    I have loved your ideas and have purchased some kits over the years.
    I don’t get to see everything as impossible to devote so much time .
    Yes, I definitely would still like to be on your email list.
    I look forward to seeing what is in store for your going forward with your great crafting creations.
    Sounds like your horizons will be widened.
    Wish you all the best.
    Chris Beale

  2. Carrie, I’m so glad that you will continue to create! I have always loved your artwork and you are such an inspiration to others. My very best wishes to you as you explore the new beginnings of another realm of paper crafting!

  3. I am sorry that someone felt the need to report you, but I am glad that this sad experience has opened up other crafting opportunities for you& I look forward to seeing what you create with other products & continue to inspire us all. Wish you all the very best on your new crafting adventures.

  4. I’m so glad you are continuing on with the creative design group. You are so talented, and I have followed you for years. Keep creating beautiful things!

  5. Carrie – I’m so excited to see what you create with all the new possibilities opening up for you!! God certainly has a bigger plan than any of us can even comprehend! Looking forward to what is to come!! ps….does that mean I can join your FB group now? 🙂

  6. First off, Kudos to you for adjusting your crown and moving forward. You were created to create, but I also believe to teach. Personally I am sad to learn you have left CTMH as I loved to watch you create with their products. Also personally, I wonder if this new endeavor will allow you to spread your wings and soar higher without restraint. Looking forward to watching you fly.
    Much love and blessings to you from a (previously) mostly silent fan.

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