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Create Cricut Ornaments with Iron-On

Do you create your own Christmas decorations? When our children were younger, I painted an ornament for each one every year that reflected their personalities and likes. Now that they are all grown and gone, the tree is bare and ready for new creations. Today, I am sharing a few wooden ornaments I made with my Cricut for our new tree.

Recently, I discovered how to use infusible ink on bare wood. I love the way it looks! These are such simple Cricut techniques that can be paired with other iron-on products to create the look of painted ornaments.

In my tutorial, I walk you through the step-by-step process to help you create all four of these wood Christmas ornaments. Before you watch the video, let me share a few tips with you.

Tip #1 – Take Advantage of the Upload Option

The upload option in Cricut Design Space is such a wonderful tool. You can add images you own or create to your design with a few simple clicks. In my recent Five Minute Cricut class, I show how to download and upload images into Design Space.

If you purchased some ornaments that included a digital design, you can use those digital images to help you cut out your materials.

Having an SVG made it so simple to add glitter iron-on to that snowflake ornament. I didn’t have to cut anything out by hand.

If you purchased wooden ornaments at a craft store or online, you can still use the Upload option. Just trace the wood shape onto a piece of paper, scan it as a digital PNG image, and upload it to Design Space. (I just taught a class in my Cricut Classroom showing how to do this, and it worked beautifully.)

Tip #2 – Layer Materials for Added Color & Texture

I used four different materials to create these ornaments – cardstock, everyday iron-on, infusible ink, and glitter iron-on. If you are using multiple materials on your project, make sure you know how to work the material settings in Cricut Design Space.

On the bell ornament, I used infusible ink and iron-on vinyl. When you are making these ornaments, the sublimation ink needs to be your base material. According to the Cricut website, you shouldn’t layer infusible ink atop vinyl.

You can also add other items from your craft stash to your ornaments. I added paper flowers, buttons, wooden shapes, and ribbons. These little projects are a great way to use up some items in your collection.

Tip #3 – Use the Correct to EasyPress Temperature & Time

If you are using an EasyPress (which I highly recommend), you will want to bookmark this site – Cricut Heat Guide. This guide will show you the correct temperature settings for the projects you are making.

I used white glitter vinyl on the teardrop and snow globe ornament. When you go to the Heat Guide, you are going to be able to see the exact temperature settings for the iron-on vinyl materials I used.

Now, if you are looking at the HeatGuide, you might notice that there is not a setting for infusible ink on wood. It took some research and experimentation to figure this one out.

In the video below, I share how to correctly apply the infusible ink to the bell and snow globe ornaments.

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Are the Christmas crafting wheels starting to turn? Think about all the possibilities you can create! Not only are you able to make some beautiful ornaments for your home, you are also going to save yourself a little time using the Cricut machine to cut out your images for you.

I hope that this project inspired you to dust off that Cricut machine and create something new. If you have any questions about the project or the supplies listed below, please feel free to leave me a comment.

I hope this inspired you to try something new. If you have any questions about this project or the supplies listed above, feel free to leave me a comment.

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Here is a list of the materials I used today. (view my favorite supplies)

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