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Tuesday Tip: Sequins Static & Storage

Welcome to another Tuesday Tip! I hope that you enjoyed last week’s tips and are looking forward to a few more. In my last post, I shared how these are a new addition to my blog and will just be a few quick little tricks I share each month to help you with your paper crafting and organization.

Today, I am going to share with you a few storage options for your little sequins shaker card gems and how to avoid the excess static build-up that occurs in your sequins bags. There are quite a few options out there for storing these, so I am just going to share with you what works for me.

I have two separate storage containers for my shaker sequins – one for my craft space and one for travel. To match the theme of my space, I found vintage glass jars at Michaels which sit upon an old spice rack on my wall. These jars do not travel well, so I have a separate set of sequin jars for my coffee shop workshops and retreats.

The small acrylic jars are a new item that Close to My Heart carries and they are designed to hold a single bag of sequins. The lid is secured tightly to the top and it is durable enough to drop onto a wood floor without breaking open.

Before I place my sequins in the containers, I use my antistatic pouch to prevent static build-up. These little gems stick to every side of the bags, bottles, and jars, but just a small amount of powder blocks this from happening. In my Tuesday Tip video, I share how I use that antistatic pouch and the two storage options I use for my sequins gems.

You can store the jars on a shelf, like I do, or place the containers onto one of our Workspace Wonder trays or ribbon holders. For the longest time, I left mine in the sip-top bags inside a wooden box. All of these are great options for storing your sequins. I am sure you probably have a few ideas of your own.

I hope that today’s Tuesday Tip helped you to stop those little gems from sticking to the sides of your containers and gave you a few ideas for storing your sequins. Feel free to comment below with any Tuesday Tip requests.

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4 thoughts on “Tuesday Tip: Sequins Static & Storage”

  1. Hooray for the anti static powder bag! Also, be sure to use it on the inside of the lid and on the “rings” of the closure of both the bottle/canister and the lid. Oh, and your fingers too! I love the idea of using the spice rack! Okay, how many of us, after reading this, raided our kitchen and proceeded to find an alternate way to store our spices? LOL!


      1. too true…I have an ancient Barbie case from the 60’s that I use to store flowers and their bling…so retro and great memories combined!


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