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Recently, I asked my VIP Group a question regarding things they always wanted to learn and I was surprised how many of their responses involved some basic stamping techniques.  So today, I have decided to upload one of my class videos “Stamping 101” and show you a few basic stamping techniques. 

This video was originally created for my VIP Group, but I have decided to share it with all of you to help you learn a few new tricks and remind you a few you may have forgotten. In the video I show you six basic stamping techniques. 

  1. Solid Stamping
  2. Second Generation Stamping
  3. Random Stamping
  4. Rock & Roll Stamping
  5. Masking of Stamps
  6. Ombre Stamping

The video itself will walk you through you all six of these stamping techniques.  If you continue reading, I will go into a little more detail and show examples of the Second Generation, Ombre, and Rock & Roll techniques.

Second Generation Stamping

Generational stamping is a simple stamping technique where you don’t re-ink your stamp before stamping the image or sentiment again which leaves you with a slightly faded image that is otherwise identical to the first one.

On the floral card, I stamped some of the splatters using the second generation technique. This allowed them to be slightly softer in color than the others. The card on the right was created by CTMH and shows you an example of three generations of stamping. 

Ombre Stamping

With this technique you gradually blend one color, or color hue, into another.  First, ink the top two thirds of the stamp using the lighter color of the two being blended. Starting at the bottom, add the second, darker, color. As you get to where the two colors will overlap, use less pressure with the ink pad to apply less ink and achieve that blended look you’re going for.

The hibiscus card sentiment was stamped using a combination of Candy Apple and Raspberry ink to create a subtle ombre effect. On the CTMH card on the right, the ombre effect is more predominant with two colors.  

Rock & Roll Stamping

As much as I enjoy listening to music while I create, this technique is more about the way you rock and roll your stamps.  First, will thoroughly ink your stamp in the color of your choice then gently roll the edges of your stamp in your secondary color. 

On each of these projects, I used the rock and roll technique. The flower shows a very slight variation of color with Ruby & Candy Apple while the leaf on the right is a very vibrant color change. I used Nectarine and Paprika to create that effect. 

I hope that today’s tutorial inspired you to try something new and inspired you to revisit a few stamping techniques you may have forgotten about.   

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