Craft Room Chaos When Life Takes Over

I know that many of you look forward to crafty creations each week, but, sometimes, life takes over in the craft space.  Right now my room looks like a bomb went off in a paper factory.  My desk is full of video equipment as I work on multiple projects, my floor has little piles all around the walls, and I am currently opening a mystery assignment box from CTMH.  Here is what the craft space looks like when life takes over. 

It’s not pretty, but I am sure many of you can relate.  Normally, I clean up after every project, I have a designated project calendar, and I am super organized.  Then life happened.

Every summer my life gets a little fuller with gardening and family, but this year we added an additional project to the mix. We decided it was time to tear out the entire front yard. 

Now my boys were super excited about the tearing out part.  Getting to ride on a machine and tear everything to bits was super fun for all of them and, other than a hole in my fence, it all went well. 

Now the real work begins- ADA stairs for visitors, a safer porch, water-wise drought-resistant plants, and some window boxes – and I will be spending a little less time in my crafting space.  Now I know that this is disappointing to some of you.  I know that many of you will end up un-subscribing and un-following, but my business motto is and always has been: 

faith, family, coffee, and crafts

This is the order I choose to live my life.  Crafts (my business) comes at the end of the list, as it should for all of us.  I promise that life will get back to “normal” around here soon and I will be back to creating full-time in my craft space and I look forward to sharing more creations & tutorials with you. 

By the way, if you follow me on Facebook & Instagram, I have been adding photos of this wonderful adventure as it unfolds.  Yesterday, I was able to check “have a concrete truck parked in your yard” off my bucket list.  Ya know, because everyone should experience that once in their life time (lol). 

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2 thoughts on “Craft Room Chaos When Life Takes Over”

  1. Your picture of the craft room looks like mine when it’s organized! LOL! Take off the chains of being hyper organized and enjoy life (with sons I’m sure you know this already!) Good luck with the garden/yard. I’m sure it will be beautiful, I’m thinking some sort of shaker card affect in the middle.

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