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Create Scrapbook Borders in Cricut Design Space

Using the Slice & Weld Tools

Earlier this month, I created a Chevron Border layout and promised you a tutorial showing you how I created the Cricut cut scallop border.  Many of you struggle to create a border for your scrapbook pages that fit across the page or fit the design of your layout. If this is something you are wanting to learn, then you are going to enjoy today’s tutorial and video designed to help you create the borders you need for your scrapbook pages. 

Since many of you have told me that you enjoy a written tutorial, I am going to walk you through a few of the steps shown in the video to create your border. 

You will first need to chose a border in your Image Library and insert it into your Canvas. I chose one from the ArtPhilosophy collection.  After using the SLICE tool to remove the top portion of the image, I downsized the border so that each scallop was only ¼” wide.  This caused the width of my border to scale down to less than four inches, but I need it to be ten inches long for my layout. This is where I will use the WELD TOOL.

I will DUPLICATE the image until I have four scallop borders.  You can find the Duplicate option in the Layers Panel on your desktop or under Actions on your Android or iOS device. 

Drag each border piece so that it is touching end-to-end and ALIGN to Top.  (Align can be found under EDIT on your tablet.)

I will now SELECT ALL and WELD the images together. This creates a border long enough for my layout. At this point it is over twelve inches long, but I need it to be ten inches in length. This is where the SLICE tool comes in handy. 

Insert a SQUARE shape and resize it to 10″ wide by 1″ high. The width is the size you need your border to be for your layout design and the height is a little taller than your border. 

Now I will SELECT ALL and SLICE the images which gives me the ten inch border I need for my project.  I can delete the unwanted images from my canvas. 

In my video tutorial you will also learn how to create two twelve inch borders and how to “fool” Design Space so that you can cut a twelve-inch border on a 12″ Standard Size mat. 

I hope that you have enjoyed today’s Design Space tutorial and learned how to create a few borders for your scrapbook pages using your Cricut.  If you would like to learn more about Design Space, you can view past tutorials here on my blog or on my YouTube channel.  I also offer local and online classes that focus on specific topics in Design Space. 

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