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Creating with the Complete Creativity Collection

From Scrapbook Layout to Iron-On

Earlier this week, I posted my review of the new Complete Creativity™ collection with the promise of showing you how to use the collection to the fullest potential.  If you haven’t had a chance to read the post, here is a quick review of the Perks & Quirks of the Complete Creativity Collection.  MissCarriesCreations-HalloweenShirtCompleteCreativity

Today, I am going to walk you through how to get around a few of the “quirks” in this collection using the UNGROUP and CONTOUR featuresand I have added a short video showing you how I created this whimsical Pumpkin Shirt using these techniques.

Let’s start with the UNGROUP feature

When I add this Halloween Layout to my Canvas, the images are GROUPED together. This allows me to manipulate the size of the layout proportionately as one complete image.


When I UNGROUP them image, I can resize each image individually and manipulate them individually.


Here, I UNGROUPED the image, then resized the October 31st banner to lay over one of the photo mats.


You can delete and recolor any image without ungrouping, but you will need to UNGROUP to resize, contour, slice, weld, or attach an image.

Let’s talk about the Contour Feature

Using the same Halloween Layout, I am going to work on creating the title images for my shirt. I first UNGROUP, then DELETE the images I do not want to use.


I only want the words on this image, but the title is a dual image with the journal strips below. This is where I will use the CONTOUR feature.

I click on the title image, choose CONTOUR, then click on the images to remove them. I can do this on the image itself or in the list of images on the right.


Once I have done this with all three journal strip images, I have only the title remaining.MissCarriesCreations-CompleteCreativityContourTitle

For those of you who are visual learners, I have created a simple how-to video to show you how I used images from Complete Creativity™ along with these techniques to create this this adorable Pumpkin Shirt.

I hope that this has inspired you and helped you realize the potential of this Cricut™ collection.  This collection is not available in Access. It is an exclusive collection that can only be purchased through my website and is full of images you can use for all of your paper crafting, card making, and home decor projects.

I can’t wait to see what you create!


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