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More Reasons to Use the Position Feature in Cricut Design Space™

Last week, I showed you one of the ways I like to use the Position feature in Design Space™.  This week, I am going to show you how I use this feature to create cards & boxes.  If you missed last week’s tutorial, here is a quick refresher.


Before we go into the full tutorial, you will need to remember what the X and Y numbers represent.  The “X” represents the horizontal ↔ position of the image on your Canvas, while the “Y” represents the vertical ↕ location.  I like to remind myself that the letter “Y” has a “Vertical” tail.

How to Use Position Feature to Create Boxes & Cards

I enjoy creating boxes & fancy fold cards and have discovered that creating the pattern in Design Space™ allows me to save the file for future projects. I only have to create it once♥, and I can make it over and over again with my Cricut™.  Here is a box I made for the Color Dare Challenge. For the purpose of this tutorial, we are only going to create the inside box. The instructions I wrote down are as follows:


How does this transfer to Design Space™ ? Let me show you a few of the steps I took to create the box, and, hopefully, you can continue from there. Begin by inserting the SHAPE you need for the base.  In this case, the base is a 4½” x 3½” Rectangle. MissCarriesCreations-CreateBase

According to my notes, I need to score all four sides at 1″. This is where I will use the Position feature. I will first place my Rectangle into the upper left corner and Type a “0” next to the X and the Y positions. MissCarriesCreations-CreateBase-POSx0-y0.PNG

Now we can add Score Lines. Choose insert SHAPE and choose the SCORE LINE. Since it will be the same height at my base, I will resize it to 3.5″ High. 

My notes state that I need this to be 1″ from the Left.  Again, we will use the Position feature. You will change the position of the Score Line to X=1 and Y=0.


Do you see how it moved to the exact place I needed a score line? Repeat the process with the other vertical score line. This time, you will need to Position it at X=3.5″ and Y=0.


Now you can create the two horizontal lines.  Insert the Score Line, size it to 4.5″, then ROTATE 90° for a Horizontal Line.  Now Position the score lines as needed.


But what about those cut lines? You can do those, too. Just use the Line Type to change your Score Lines to Cut Lines, then Position them where you need them to be.

Here is what my box looks like with the Score Lines hidden. Do you see the small cut lines? The Layers Panel also shows the different line types.

The last and most important step, ATTACH. If you don’t attach the lines to your base, Design Space™ will not be able to read your mind and know where you wanted them to go. (Sorry they haven’t invented that brain chip, yet.)


Are you ready to try out the Position Feature in Design Space™? ♥ This is the perfect way to create multiples of those fancy fold cards and handmade boxes in one simple file. I am sure many of you are just ready to pull out your score board, but, I promise, when you have to create 250 little favors for a party, you will thank me for teaching you this.

If you are a member of my VIP group, there will be a small video available for you to watch this week.  Please feel free to comment below with any questions, or join me for the live video as we go over each one of these simple steps.

I can’t wait to see what you create!


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