Welding Text in Design Space™

Recently, I taught a local class teaching people how to create various titles in Cricut Design Space™.  One of the techniques was how to Weld Text to create the script portion of this “Love” title, and, today, I am going to show you how we did it.  There will also be a Video Tutorial posted later this week.MissCarriesCreations-Titles

Welding Text appears to be an easy task, but some people become very frustrated trying to get their letters to look like a scripted font.  Here are a few quick tips to think about before you begin creating a welded title in Design Space™.

  • The Thicker the Better – whether it is a Cricut™ Font or a System font, when you are first learning to weld letters, thicker script fonts are easier to work with
  • Take Advantage of Text Edit Tools – Letter Space & Align are your friends
  • Bigger is Best – Design bigger than needed, then reduce to finished size
  • You Cannot Undo Once Saved – Always make a copy of the “unwelded” title before saving just incase you need to make adjustments

Let’s begin with inserting the Text. This is done by choosing “Text” in the Design Panel on the left. You will see the Text Edit Bar appear when you start typing. Resize the Text to much larger than needed. This will make it much easier to work with when welding. (You can resize after you are finished.)MissCarriesCreations-WeldingText-InsertText

With the Text selected, choose LETTER SPACE and reduce the letter spacing until the letters begin touching. This will save you some work later on.  

Choose ADVANCED the UNGROUP to LETTERS. You will see that the Text in the letters panel will now change to individual images 

Since three of your letters are already touching (O, V, E), you can select those three letters as a group and Weld them.  If you wish to have them Welded to the “L”, you can select the three letters, as a group, and move them until the are touching. MissCarriesCreations-WeldingText-MovetoL

BUT what about aligning a group of text??? Sometimes you type more than one word and you cannot get any of the letters to line up.  Let me show you another trick. Here I have already typed my text and used Letter Space to move them as close as they can go.MissCarriesCreations-WeldingText-TextMoreWordsAgain, choose ADVANCED then UNGROUP To LETTERS. Now, you can work with Groups of letters to create the Welded Text. First, move each Word closer as a group, then grab Groups of Letters and move them closer.

There will still be a few letters you will have to adjust, like the “u” and “r” here. You can move them manually, or nudge them using the arrow key. Once you have all of the letters touching, you many need to Align a few of them. MissCarriesCreations-WeldingText-MoveLettersSelect all of the letters that are on the same horizontal line – for this title it will be all but the Y – and choose ALIGN BOTTOM. Now all you have to do is move the “Y” some if needed. MissCarriesCreations-WeldingText-SelectLetters

Once the letters are welded, you can reduce the title to the size you need.


Now, you can create some welded titles for your cards, scrapbook layouts, and home decor projects. I hope that you take a few minutes to give this a try. Don’t forget to stop by the Cricut website and check out all the amazing Flash Sale and Mystery Boxes this week.

 I can’t wait to see what you create!



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