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Using a Kit to Create Your Own Unique HOME Decor

Many of you have commented on the color palette of the Home Monogram Workshop kit and, honestly, I can sympathize.  Today, I want to convince each of you that the bright peach color scheme should NOT prevent you from buying the kit. With a little creativity, some manipulation of the Design Space™ file, and careful use of the papers in the package, I was able to create an adorable piece for my home.


My home decor is Rustic Americana (or kids can dent it and it’s okay). I knew, right away, that the bright peach cardstock on the original design was not going to match my space, but after looking through the contents of the kit, I thought, “I can work with this!”.  Here is what you get when you purchase the Home Chipboard Monogram Workshop Kit:

(6) So Much Happy papers (basically half a package)
(3) Peach, (1) Sapphire, (2) White Daisy cardstock
So Much Happy Puffy Stickers (Z4254)
Chipboard Monogram—H (Z3420)
Chipboard Monogram—M (Z3425)
Chipboard Monogram—E (Z3417)

See, plenty to work with! So how did I do it?

It first began with the careful use of the papers and cardstock. 

The “H” and the E” were cut from the Daisy paper, as close as possible to each other so that I could use the scraps to cut out a few of the Yellow Flowers in Design Space™.

On my “M”, I took advantage of the Floral Pattern at the base of one of the papers. By doing this, I didn’t need to cover the letter completely and used the remaining Heart paper to cut out leaves in Design Space™ as well as a few of the strips for the tops of the letters. (NOTE: Pay attention to the direction of the Hearts)

Remember that Floral Pattern I used? The back of the paper is the Red Stripe which was used for the Roof, Window sills, and the Door (grey on the back).

As you can see here, I also used quite a few of the Zip-Strips and Cut-Apart Icons to decorate my letters.

My design also required me to change the Design Space™ file.  I have decided that, instead of explaining all of my changes, I would just give you the LINK TO MY DESIGN. The biggest change was the “House”. My image was cut from Sapphire, the Windows from the Mint paper, and the roof from the Red Stripe.


I have a love of Dandelions and Daisies, so I chose to layer and resize each of the White Flowers to make them appear more daisy-like.

How easy is that? One Kit – Two Ways

Simple, easy, fun, and done. This was a perfect way that I could use the kit “as is” and still create something that fit my decor.  What if your home has more of a French Country, Modern, and Farmhouse feel?? In that case, just purchase the Monogram Letters individually and take advantage of the BOGO sale to use one of our other paper collections and match your own unique style.

Just download the Free Instruction Guide and Design Space File™ and do what I did to make your own unique piece. I am so happy that I gave this kit a second glance. Sometimes you just have start where you are, use what you have, and do what you can – you never know what you will end up with.

I can’t wait to see what you create!


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