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Tuesday Tutorial: Using Templates in Design Space™

If you haven’t discovered the “Template” feature in Cricut Design Space™, you are missing out on using a wonderfully designed, underused feature in the program. The Templates feature helps you visualize your project and, as I will show you, is especially helpful when designing 12″ x 12″ layouts with your Cricut Explore™ or Maker™ machine.


Where do I find Templates?

The Templates tool is in the Design Panel and allows you to choose the “Template” you are designing on. As you scroll through the different templates, you can select a category to filter the templates or use the search field to search for a specific type of template.

How do I customize my Template?

Once your template has appeared on your Canvas, the Template Edit bar will appear and allow you to choose the type, size, and a version of the template that resembles your project. As you can see here, I choose a T-Shirt and I can customize the size, color, and type of the shirt I am designing.


Quick Tip: Templates are for reference only and will not be saved with the project. It is best to create a text box containing information about the template you used, the type, size, and color, then save it with your project so that you can add the template the next time you work with that project.

How do I create a layout using the Template feature?

This is a fun part of the tutorial. Often when I am creating a layout in Design Space™, I know that I will not be cutting out the 12″ background pages, but I need them for reference. I could go in an add some 12″ squares then hide or delete before cutting, but I am all about working smarter, not harder.  Instead, I go to the Basic Canvas template choose “Custom”, and adjust my size and color to match my background pages. Here I have chosen a single 12″ page, but you can chose to make your template a 12″ x 24″ template for a two page layout.

Once I have the template in place, I can design my layout. On this layout, I used quite a few images from our Flower Market collection. By having a Template to work with, I don’t have to “guess” on the size of my images.


I hope you take the time this week to give the Templates feature a try. Not only can you use it for layouts, but it is a great feature to use when designing other projects in Design Space.™ I will be posting a short video in my Facebook group this week that will show you how I created this layout using the Template feature and images from our Flower Market collection. I hope you take the time to view it and see how helpful this feature is.

I can’t wait to see what you create! 


Design Space™ is a program that is used with the Cricut Explore™ and Cricut Maker™ machines. If you have been considering upgrading your machine, I suggest you check out this week’s machine sales to see all the possible colors, bundles, and savings available to you. 


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