The Joys of Buying a “New” Stove

I know that this is not what you might want to read about on a craft blog, but as I sit here, a year older, reflecting on those things that brought me joy in the past year, I wanted to share with you about how this blessed little business provided a “new” stove for our family.


Yep! There it is in all it’s baking glory. When I first began as a Close to My Heart Consultant four years ago, I never pictured myself gushing over a new stove.  I am not one who has earned trips to some remote island, and I can’t say that my business bought me a new car, nor can I say that I make top sales or top recruiter each month, BUT I can say that I was able to buy our home a “new” stove.

If you are a stay-at-home mom, you may understand the need to feel like you contribute to the household income. As a SAHM for over 20 years, I will never regret making that decision, but I often felt like we did make sacrifices because of my choice not to “work”.  Some of you may understand this “need to contribute” and may be looking for a way to add to the household income – like I did when I joined the Close to My Heart family.


So…here is what my house looked like three week’s before Christmas. In the midst of an emergency surgery, the upcoming holidays, and making a decision to install laminate flooring, our dishwasher and stove decided that they were going to retire early.  We had budgeted for some of the adventures we faced, but the appliances were another story.  My husband decided to visit a discount appliance store to find a dishwasher to last the holidays and happened upon my dream stove♥ that had been discounted because of a small, barely noticeable, dent on the top.

He called me to tell me about it, stating “It might be gone after Christmas.” Never did I think that my reply would be “I can buy it.” Can you believe it? My small little business was able to provide us with a “new” stove for Christmas without worry or fuss. Now as I sit in my home office, and reflect upon this grand adventure, I am grateful that I chose to become a Close to My Heart Consultant. Without this little company entering my life, I would never have been able to say that this simple, stay-at-home mom contributes so much to the family.


Again, I will tell you that am not the cream of the crop. I am an average person who enjoys what she does and that is perfectly okay because I was able to buy our home a “new” stove.  That, in itself, means so much more to me than a trip to some remote island.


 Perhaps, you have been considering joining the Close to My Heart family.  I would love to chat with you sometime and tell you about our team. 


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5 thoughts on “The Joys of Buying a “New” Stove”

  1. I think is is awesome you were able to buy a stove. To me that is more important that top sales, an island trip. You are the best.

  2. Yay Carrie!  That’s what it’s all about!  I am also not the cream of the crop, as you call it but also enjoy what I do with my CTMH business, and it pays for my craft addiction!

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