Tuesday Tutorial ~ Layering Flowers in Design Space™

Close to My Heart has an amazing Cricut™ Collection called Flower Market and, often, I get asked how to make sure that each of the flowers in this collection are properly layered and sized when creating a bouquet or wreath in Design Space™.  Today, I am going to show you a quick and easy way to manipulate these three-dimensional flowers and insure that each image is properly sized when creating your projects.


You will want make sure that you own the Flower Market Cricut™ Collection. This is a beautiful collection of over 700 images (not just flowers) that you can use on your cards, scrapbook pages, and home decor projects. You can view the full shape index here.

Let’s begin with the Daisy image. As you can see, when you insert the image into your Canvas, it appears as a grouped image with all the layers shown. As you resize the group, it will resize each layer proportionately. This is a great feature when you want to use all the layers and you are creating a single flower. What if I decide I want to add another flower image on my project and I need to make sure each flower image is sized proportional to the other?


Let me show you you a simple way to layer your flowers for a project. You will want to begin by Ungrouping your Daisy image. Once they are ungrouped, you will see them listed as individual images in the Layers panel.


Now you will want to Select All and Align Center. (You may need to bring some images to the front to view them all.) Group all of the images again. By grouping the images, you can see the image as a single image on your Canvas and resize all layers proportionately.

Let’s add another flower to our project. I chose to add a Hibiscus. Once again, after inserting the image, I will Ungroup the images. With the Hibiscus, you will see that you cannot ungroup the two stamens, but you can copy the image, use Contour, and create two images to see each stamen as an individual layer. (I will be showing how to do this in my upcoming Cricut™ classes.)


Again you will Select All and Align Center and Group the images.  (You may need to bring some images to the front to view them all.) Now you have two separate flower images that you can manipulate and layer to see how they would look together on a project.

Let me show how I used these techniques to create a wreath in Design Space.™ As you can see in the photo below, I was able to take images from our Flower Market collection and manipulate the flowers to fit the wreath I was creating. By layering those flowers as one image, I could resize them and see how they would fit onto my wreath.


So simple, yet so effective when creating with our Flower Market flowers.   If you don’t own the Flower Market Cricut™ Collection, you can purchase it on my website. You will receive three stamp sets (valued at $56.85) along with your Digital Code for adding the collection to Design Space™.  That means you get the Collection of over 700 images for about $12.00. What a steal! I hope that you take a few minutes this week to try this technique and I can’t wait to see what you create!






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