12 Days of Christmas Creations Interrupted


‘Twas 12 Days of Christmas Creations Miss. Carrie did make,
Not a surface was empty, so many things to share at daybreak;
The blog was all planned, the projects all made,
All she needed were a few photos which (ouch) were delayed;
A few weeks of illness is nothing to fear,
Just keep creating (ouch) before Christmas comes near;
“I’ve fallen behind” another day gone,
“I don’t have time to be ill, my blog needs to get done”;
Thanksgiving has come, (ouch) December is near,
Miss. Carrie’s feeling quite ill, “I won’t finish, I fear”;
She must press on and keep typing away,
Or, maybe, it’s best if she just just lay down (ouch) today;
A few hours of rest, that is all that she will require.
Nope, it’s a trip to the ER “My stomach is on fire!”
Let’s take a few scans, maybe a bad Thanksgiving feast,
A few little pictures, Oh, look, two organs want released.
A morning in surgery, a few weeks of rest,
All of that ache and illnesses, who would have guessed;
And as she sits with an unwritten blog, a craft room of creations,
She fights the urge to get up and has so many frustrations;
There is still time, Christmas is quite a few weeks ahead,
You will again see Miss. Carrie’s creations once she can get out of bed.

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