Top Secret Packages

I would love to say that this week I have an phenomenal Tuesday Tutorial for you, but I do not.  Don’t panic, my paper crafting, Cricut® addicts.  I will have more in the future. While you wait, I encourage you to spend this week looking up some of the past Tuesday Tutorials that you may have missed. So, why no tutorial?? Well, a few weeks back I received this “Top Secret” package in the mail full of unseen, soon to be released, amazingly wonderful Close to My Heart products.


Along with these paper lovelies came a prior email requesting that I accept the assignment to be a Creative Presenter at the upcoming Close to My Heart Convention. First response…this has to be a spam email.  Have you seen my out-of-the-box oddities made of paper?  Well, I guess they had and decided to choose my “weirdness” to be represented in front of a boat-load of amazingly talented ladies across the world. (insert panic attack here.)

So here I am sitting in my partly finished, newly designed, crafty space, full of stickiness and ink reveling in all that is to come.   Who knew that an oddity like me who is full of “weirdness” and a passion for paper would be chosen? Lesson of the day: if like this can happen to me, well it surely can happen to someone like you, my paper crafting, Cricut® addict.  I would love to see your name on the list of next year’s Creative Presenters.

As a Close to My Heart Consultant, you have an amazing opportunity to share your love of paper (and your weirdness) with others as well as earn a discount on supplies, free products, and the chance to show off your love of paper and all you can create. PLUS during the month of June, you will receive your choice of Create the Rainbow cardstock bundle for FREE!


Hey, if I can be chosen, so can you.  I would love to see you at the 2019 Close to My Heart Convention sitting next to me and the HeARTfully Blessed Creation team members.  God has truly blessed me with the opportunity to work in a business I love, and He has blessed me even more with some amazingly talented team members.  I would love for you to be a part of this team and share in our love of paper crafting. I can’t wait to see what you create!


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  1. Congratulations Carrie….really worthy of that honor and title……..hope you enjoy the convention!

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