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Bloom & Grow Embossed Card

Throughout the month of January, I will be creating projects that you can make using our Bloom and Grow stamp of the month.  This week, I created this monochromatic card using White Embossing Power as an embellishment.  Even though the card was extremely simple to make, the mix of textures and color shades are delightful.  I am very pleased with how this card turned out and am excited to send it off. You can find the list of supplies used on this project at the very bottom of this post.


Embossing Powder has a lovely effect, but it can be a bit tricky to figure out and frustrating if you don’t quite know how to use it.  Below you will find a few tips for using Embossing Powder on your projects:

  • VersaMark Ink or Pigment Inks are the best to use for Embossing Powders.  These inks stay wet and sticky which allows the powder to adhere to your projects. I love using our Pigment Inks with Clear Embossing Powder  to create multiple shades of embossed images. I don’t have to multiple shades of embossing powder, just one.
  • Before stamping your project, use an Anti-Static bag to remove the static from your project. You can purchase one of these online, or create your own using a baby sock filled with cornstarch.  Using this will prevent unwanted embossing powder from sticking to your project. I like to “pounce” mine onto the paper. (Note: These also work great for making adhesive on the back of stickers “unsticky”.)
  • Always put the lid on your ink BEFORE pouring the Embossing Powder onto your project.  Sometimes your powder ends up in places you don’t want it, and it can destroy an ink pad.  I like to use a “Glitter Tray” when pouring my embossing powder onto my project so that I can pour the powder back into the jar.  I have also seen people store their powder in square plastic containers.
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  • Keep a small, soft brush on hand for removing excess powder. I like to use the smallest brush from our Paintbrush Set, because it is fine enough to get into the little spots that may have filled with powder.
  • ways use a Craft Heater designed for heat embossing. These are made specifically so that the temperature is high enough to melt the powder.  BE CAREFUL and do not get your fingers or other items close to the heat source – it will burn you.  I like to use my tweezers or a clothes pin to old items as I heat the powder.  I like to hold my Craft Heater behind my project so that I can see the powder melt and make sure that I am not burning my powder.
  • Practice makes perfect.  Don’t expect every project to turn out exactly how you planned.  It’s okay to have a few mistakes. Keep trying and keep creating. 🙂

Did you know that you could get one of my cards in your mailbox? Every time you place an order on my website, you receive a little happy mail from me.  Make sure to order your Bloom and Grow stamp set before January 31st!  Visit the Promotions tab my website to see how you can get this stamp set for only $5.00.  Visit my blog each week for more ideas and tutorials.  I can’t wait to see what you create!


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