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Tuesday Tutorial ~ Flower Market Flower


Our Flower Market Cricut® Cartridge has many three-dimensional flower images included along with all of the other amazing layered images.  Each week, I will be posting a simple tutorial of how to use those flower images to create the flowers show on the cartridge, PLUS how to make other flowers using the images included on the Flower Market Cricut® Cartridge. This week, I am going to show you how to create a Chrysanthemum  that you can use on your upcoming projects.   As always, I have listed the supplies used on this project at the bottom of this post.


  1. In Cricut® Design Space, insert the Chrysanthemum – #MFADEB0 image into your canvas.
  2. Change the color of the flower images to the desired colors. You can do this by choosing the color by clicking the Ink Blot to open the Layers Attributes panel or by going to Color Sync and dragging them all to the same color.
  3. The leaves are created from the Leaf – #MD676A8 image.  I used the CONTOUR option to remove the inner cut-outs, sized the leaves proportionate to the largest flower, then duplicated.  This is what my canvas looked like before cutting my images.
  4. Once you have cut out the images, you can begin using your Bone Folder to curl the petals.  I use my Bone Folder on the petals as if I were curling ribbon with scissors.  Be gentle to avoid tearing the cardstock.    Since Close to My Heart is two sided cardstock, I choose to alternate the lighter and darker sides of my flowers when curling.
  5. Layer each set of same-size flowers together and adhere in the center.
  6. Using a 3D Foam Dot, adhere each set of “Flowers” together. This will give it the same bulk and dimension as a true Chrysanthemum.
  7. Adhere a Gem or paper circle in the center of the flower.
  8. Create a crease in the center of each leaf by folding it in half, then attach to the back of the flower using a 3D Foam Dot.

This can be created with any shade from our beautiful cardstock color palette or cut from White Cardstock and use ink to create an ombre effect.  I often like to search for  images of the flower I am creating for color options. God has created so many beautiful flowers in a variety of colors.  Your imagination is your only limit. I can’t wait to see what you create using this Chrysanthemum.


product image
Flower Market Cricut Bundle

product image
12 x 12 Saffron Cardstock

product image
12 x 12 Fern Cardstock

Cricut Air 2 Machine

product image

product image
Bone Folder

product image
Bonding Memories Glue Pen

product image
3D Foam Dots

product image
Gold Glitter Gems

* The links provided to the Cricut® website are through the ShareASale affiliate program and are posted as an endorsement. ShareASale compensates me a small portion of sales made through these advertisement links.

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